Keeley Electronics Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster

Keeley Electronics Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster

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Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster, Booster / buffer pour guitare/basse de la marque Keeley Electronics.

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Fiche technique Keeley Electronics Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster

  • Fabricant : Keeley Electronics
  • Modèle : Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster
  • Catégorie : Boosters / buffers pour guitare/basse
  • Fiche créée le : 07/03/2017
Technical Description – Why Tubes and Germanium Work So Well?

Here it is folks, the authoritative doctrine and complete narrative to the exact reason a germanium transistor pushes a vacuum tube into tear jerking, blood pumping, endorphin gushing nirvana.  And, it’s the same reason there’s 2 U’s in vacuum…BECAUSE IT JUST FUCKING DOES!  IT JUST FUCKING SOUNDS GOOD.

Just What the Rock and Roll Doctor Ordered

The Germanium Ecstasy Vintage Treble Booster is a hand made booster perfect for producing iconic overdrive tones with amps pushed to break-up.  Time and time again guitarists have told me that *nothing* sounds better than the Java Boost (our first treble booster) through a Marshall.  Or, the Java Boost is their *Secret Weapon*.  I personally find that nothing equals the simple and beautiful sound of our treble boosters and a Marshall JTM45.

Dirty Women (aka – Naughty Triodes)

This custom shop pedal sports artwork inspired by one of our favorite bands and guitarists.  Atlee Hickerson took the cover of the album and instead of two robots copulating, he had a pre-amp tube and a germanium transistor involved in some audio sexual ecstasy!  The original artwork with robots was was designed by Hipgnosis.

Back Street Kids

These are 100% Hand Built by my kids (well my family of employees here at the shop) with  hand selected NOS Mullard/Phillips OC75 Germanium transistors.  The Keeley Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster pedal has a musical break up and gain as well as a rich chocolate texture due to these highly sought after transistors.

It’s Alright, It Takes Germanium and Tubes to Cry.

The Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster effect must be used with a tube amplifier that is at the edge of breaking up or distorting already.  The LOUDER the BETTER.  Treble boosters CUT BASS and ADD HIGHS.  Why does this simple concept work so brilliantly?  It’s because as rock gods found out, adding more volume during a solo break just made the bass fart out and didn’t jump out from the band.  Cut the bass, add some harmonics and gain and you have a brilliant lead tone!  Tone as powerful as a train, hitting you in just the right spot to make you cry.

Black Eagles

Did you know that the Eagles were recording Hotel California in the same studio as Sabbath during this album and it was Geezer’s job to scrape all the Miami cocaine off the mixing board before they could work?  I always wondered if Snowblind influenced Life in the Fast Lane.

Treble Boosters like these have been used for many, many years by the likes of Tony Iommi, Brian May, Rory Gallagher, Eric ClaptonRitchie Blackmore, Dweezil Zappa and  Wolf Hoffmann.

Do you have a dark sounding amp?  Old Marshall or Vox?  This is your ticket to tone-nirvana.

Distribué par The Effect Factory


News Keeley Electronics Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster

Un Treble Booster chez Keeley Electronics

Un Treble Booster chez Keeley Electronics

2 Publiée le 07/03/17
La marque propose depuis peu la pédale Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster, une pédale idéale pour pousser un ampli à lampes.

Images Keeley Electronics Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster

  • Keeley Electronics Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster
  • Keeley Electronics Germanium Ecstasy Treble Booster

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