Mia Laboratories Compressor One

Mia Laboratories Compressor One

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Compressor One, Compresseur multibande logiciel de la marque Mia Laboratories.

Prix public : 119 € TTC
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Fiche technique Mia Laboratories Compressor One

  • Fabricant : Mia Laboratories
  • Modèle : Compressor One
  • Catégorie : Compresseurs multibandes logiciels
  • Fiche créée le : 14/05/2019

Compresseur logiciel stéréo basé sur des algorithmes pour Mac et Windows

  • Stereo Link Operation
    In “Stereo Link” mode, the same amount of compression is applied to both L/R channels, based on the sum of the two. With Stereo Link disabled, compression takes place independently for each channel, whilst retaining common controls for both.
  • External Sidechain
    Use any other channel of your mix as an input to the side-chain of MIA Compressor One.
  • Sidechain filtering
    Use the High Pass and Low Pass filters to restrict the side-chain information to the desired frequency range.
  • Band Compression
    Define a certain frequency range to be compressed, while the rest of the signal remains unaffected.
  • Simulation
    Five carefully designed simulation algorithms, CLASS A, OPTO, FET and TUBE I & II  to simulate the sound of the above legendary types.
  • Input, Output, Gain Reduction Meters
    Visualize the compression process with the assistance of the input, output and gain reduction displays in either Peak or RMS mode.
  • 34 MIA Presets
    34 carefully designed MIA Presets, to achieve quick and balanced results, or to act as a perfect kick start towards your desired outcome.
  • VST 2, AU, AAX
  • iLok account required

News Mia Laboratories Compressor One

Mia Laboratories lance le Compressor One

Mia Laboratories lance le Compressor One

Publiée le 14/05/19
Ce nouveau compresseur multibande stéréo logiciel revisite l’histoire de ce processeur avec différents algorithmes.

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