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L'avis de denied (contenu en anglais)"Excellent dual delay"

Analog Man ARDX20
- Two SEPARATE delay pedals in one
- 2 separate controls for each of delay speed, decay, and mix
- Totally Analog
- True bypass
- Top mounted jacks
- Powered by 9v battery or standard boss style adapter
- Effects loop
- 600-650ms of delay time
- Compatible with the AMAZE0 for tap tempo, modulation


Piece of cake. Though I will note that the top mounted jacks aren’t labeled, so it does take a second to figure out where to plug in. Standard delay controls, separated onto two lines for easy mode differentiation. Having two totally separate delay settings on an analog pedal is unprecedented to my knowledge. Pedals like the Diamond Memory Lane 2 feature two delays, but not independent controls for each.
Analogman recently released the AMAZE0 which enables further control and versatility with tap tempo and modulation. I’m not really a fan of having a separate box and cost for this, but it does allow users to decide how complicated of a pedal they want.
The top mounted jacks make it easy to fit onto a crowded board. 600 ms could be a little limiting, but is well within standard times for analog delays.


It actually sounds fantastic, I was very happy with the delay tones from this unit. A great mix of analog warmth and a clarity reminiscent of digital pedals. I would recommend this for players looking for more of a standard delay, than an atmospheric tool. The repeats tend to fade away and don’t blend into a cloud of sound. Really just depends on what you are looking for. I didn’t have a chance to test the AMAZE0, so cannot comment on the quality of the modulation, though I’ve been hearing positive reviews.


A great, versatile analog delay, and yet another excellent offering from Analogman. The selling point of this one is really the dual controls. Instead of buying two pedals to cover your delay needs, this one presents a highly useful combination. 600 ms, top mounted jacks, and the option to add tap tempo and modulation make it a solid contender on the analog delay market. I’d highly recommend it, particularly as a live pedal.