KMA Audio Machines Wurm

KMA Audio Machines Wurm

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Wurm, Distorsion Guitare de la marque KMA Audio Machines.

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Fiche technique KMA Audio Machines Wurm

  • Fabricant : KMA Audio Machines
  • Modèle : Wurm
  • Catégorie : Distorsions Guitare
  • Fiche créée le : 18/01/2017

KMA Audio Machines will bring you the legendary distortion sound of the out of production HM2 MIJ model. Its sound was a key element of the swedish chainsaw metal invented by Bands like Dismember and Entombed. We took the ingredients and developed a way more flexible distortion pedal. We kept the classic active EQ section and added two more bands to give you a wider range of tones to tailor your evil and gritty distortion sound. Each band has an internal trimpot to change the center frequency and fine-tune your sound. To switch between the original HM2 high control and the KMA Audio Machines designed EQ band, we added an internal DIP SWITCH. Switch 1 activates the WURM EQ High Mids Mode while switch 2 is in off position. To get the HM2 chainsaw high mids put switch 1 in off position and switch 2 in on position, crank the LOWS and the HIGH MIDS to hear the chainsaw. Activating switch 1 and 2 gives you then three bands, which are controlable via the HIGH MIDS control. TERROR dials in the malice and evil distortion sound you are searching for! Crank it and you will feel the rageous ancient WURM.


Every pedal is designed, assembled, silkscreened, tested and numbered by hand in our small workshop. We use doublesided PCBs which are designed, tested and assembled by ourselfs, to guarantee a high quality standard and keep the price of our pedals reasonable. The use of an indestructible powdercoated die-cast enclosure ensures a maximum durability.

Distribué par The Effect Factory


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News KMA Audio Machines Wurm

KMA Audio sort une nouvelle disto pour guitare

KMA Audio sort une nouvelle disto pour guitare

1 Publiée le 18/01/17
La marque berlinoise redonne vie à la regrettée HM-2 japonaise de Boss avec sa pédale Wurm.

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  • KMA Audio Machines Wurm
  • KMA Audio Machines Wurm
  • KMA Audio Machines Wurm

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