Schwa Schope

Schwa Schope

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Schope, Analyseur ou outil de visualisation de la marque Schwa.

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Fiche technique Schwa Schope

  • Fabricant : Schwa
  • Modèle : Schope
  • Catégorie : Analyseurs & outils de visualisation
  • Fiche créée le : 23/11/2007

A multitool, multiview, multichannel waveform, frequency, and stereo phase analyzer that lets you superimpose and view multiple audio signals from every dimension.

Scope pre- and post-compression signals together to see if you’re flattening peaks. Scope kick drum and bass together for EQ scooping. Scope DI and amped guitar signals together to fix phase problems.

Isolate and zoom in on exactly the part of the signal you want to see. Freeze the display and use the time offset knobs to visually scrub frequency changes.


VST and AU for Mac and Windows


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