Avid Pro Tools 10 Education
Avid Pro Tools 10 Education

Pro Tools 10 Education, Séquenceur généraliste de la marque Avid appartenant à la série Pro Tools.

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L'avis de KevUnuobla"Very Good"

Avid Pro Tools 10 Education
etudiant dans le son, il me fallait protools pour bosser correctement (bien que cubase soit un trés bon logiciel)
Je suis pas décu, le prix pour les étudiants est completement cassé, et trés abordable (comparé au prix de base)

Je travaillais depuis 1 ans sur protools mais je l'avais pas chez moi. donc je connaissais deja son fonctionnement. Simple d'installation, et d'utilisation, toujours aussi intuitif


Je suis sur Wd7, j'ai la petite fast track pro qui fonctionne relativement bien,avec 2 AV40 pour les enceintes.
Le logiciel est trés stable et permet de travailler comme en studio chez soi.

J'ai presque ou trés peu de latence avec ma config


J'utilise Pts depuis 1an. Ce logiciel est vraiment super intuitif, et mtn avec la version 10 tout est en francais, donc pour ceux qui comprenne rien c'est encore plus simple.
Pour sont prix, je recommance à tout le monde de l'acheter parcequ'il permet vraiment un mx de possiblité sonore, de mixage etc

contenu en anglais

L'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)"Education Edition"

Avid Pro Tools 10 Education
The Education Edition of Avid’s Pro Tools 10 is a DAW that you can record up to 96 total tracks with. It comes loaded with over 50 plug ins and VST instruments. It can run on a Mac or a PC and installs quickly and easily. In order for you to get this version of Pro Tools you will need to show that you have been enrolled into an official college. I have had this since I was a freshman and purchased it right after my professor who is an engineer told us about this deal. I was happy that I did not have to pay full price for Avid Pro Tools 10. Also it comes with free upgrades for a few years which is a huge bonus because you will not have to spend any money at all for years to come.


Using Pro Tools 10 (Avid) will give you latency free recording and monitoring. You can have any amount of channels of simultaneous ins and outs up to 32 and it can take a ton of different file types like MP3 WAV or AIFF files (and many more). The layout of this version of Pro Tools is very similar to most all of the versions, it is easy to understand if you are already use to working with Pro Tools and if you are a beginner then this is a great place to start.


I was recommended this software by my professor and now I have a chance to use the same software that the pros use and that we use at school right in my house. It comes with iLok and is ready to go right out of the box. You will need to make sure your computer is up to date and has good RAM or you will run into some problems when working with some of the plug ins and effects. It can really slow down your system if you are on an older computer.