ONE SHOT SHAKER PETIT, Shaker, oeuf ou maracas de la marque Lp.

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moosers 08/12/2010

Lp ONE SHOT SHAKER PETIT : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The LP (Latin Percussion) One Shot Shaker Small is a unique percussive instrument that's unlike most other shakers out there that I have used. Rather than a traditional circle or egg shaped shaker, this one is a long rectangle. There are two versions of the One Shot Shakers - both a large and a small. When you buy either of them, it actually comes with two shakers. They're made out of some form of light metal that makes them easy to hold and play and gives them a unique sound. Since there's more room for the beads to shake around in there when compared to a more traditional egg shaker, you're going to get some different patters and sounds with this one. Sometimes I prefer the sound of this to a more traditional egg style shaker because in general you're going to get a more varied pattern. You might not necessarily have as much control over where the beads go as you would with a more compact shaker, but that's the beauty of shakers of different shapes and sizes. You could have this totally replace an egg shaker if you wanted, but I think it works best as a compliment to something like an egg shaker for use in certain situations. The price of the LP One Shot Shaker small version isn't nearly as cheap as you'll find an egg shaker, but it's extremely well built and should also last a lot longer. You also get two of them at once, so while the initial price for them isn't very cheap, do keep in mind that you're getting two. It's also worth exploring the large One Shot Shaker, as it's got it's own sound as well. For those looking to get adventurous with their shakers, the LP One Shot Shaker Small is a must try...