ONESHOTSHAKERGRAND, Shaker, oeuf ou maracas de la marque Lp.

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moosers 21/12/2010

Lp ONESHOTSHAKERGRAND : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The LP One Shot Large Shaker is a uniquely designed shaker suitable for uses of all types. I’ve used this shaker only inside the studio, which I think is the place it’s best suited in. Of course you can use it for live shows, but I’d probably only recommend something like this if you’re going to be using it in the studio as this is where it really sets itself apart. There are plenty of really cheap shakers out there that will work for live shows, but in the studio you might want something of a higher quality like this one. Two will come in a pack of these LP One Shot Shakers, and you can choose between either this large one or a set of smaller ones. They’re both unique to each other in terms of feel and sound due to the size, but you can’t really go wrong either way. These shakers are made extremely well, although I don’t know what kind of metal cases the beads in there. It’s a light metal so it’s easy to play and hold but you’ll still get that bright sound with this shaker. The only real downfall with these is the price as it’s pretty expensive shaker when you compare it to others out there. I’d probably recommend going with a super cheap egg shaker if you’re looking for your first, but those who are using shakers often may want to upgrade to these as they’ll last a lifetime and have a truly great sound. I don’t know why you can’t buy a single one of these as I think a lot more people would if they were cheaper, but having two is never a bad thin, even though you won’t have to worry about them breaking anyway since they’re so sturdy…