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Adyssey Beats 22/06/2012

Numark Mixtrack : l'avis de Adyssey Beats (contenu en anglais)

« Portable, but limited. »

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The Numark Mixtrack is a digital DJ controller that is housed in a plastic shell with two jog-wheels, three volume faders and one cross-fader, playback and cue buttons, and a small effects rack. For what is included this piece of equipment is a fairly good deal for new DJs or DJs looking for a fairly small, durable, cheap and portable unit. With regards to the price the Mixtrack will only set you back $149 if you buy it new - not a bad deal if it's not being used in a professional context. I lucked out and got a year-old used version from a friend for only $40 dollars. Unfortunately after only a year seeing intermittent use the unit I was given had issues with the left jog-wheel and some of the lighted buttons. However I was still able to play around with the device in both Traktor and V-DJ Pro and it still works today. The aspect of the Mixtrack that is the biggest set-back and really turns me off to recommending this device is the fact that it requires an external sound-card for cueing and play-back. No headphone, RCA or XLR inputs, just a USB cable to connect to your computer - to be expected with the low price I guess. The funny thing is Numark released the solution to their self-created problem in the form of the Numark DJ I/O, which I will also provide a review for if you are interested in getting the combo. Fortunately I got my DJ I/O used as part of the $40 deal for the decks. All in all the Numark Mixtrack is a cheap and easy to use unit that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. However if you are a professional DJ who has money to be spending on better portable units it's certainly not worth getting the Mixtrack unless it is purely for entertainment purposes.