Tone2 RayBlaster 2

Tone2 RayBlaster 2

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RayBlaster 2, Autre synthétiseur virtuel de la marque Tone2.

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Fiche technique Tone2 RayBlaster 2

  • Fabricant : Tone2
  • Modèle : RayBlaster 2
  • Catégorie : Autres synthétiseurs virtuels
  • Fiche créée le : 08/02/2017

2nd version du synthétiseur virtuel Rayblaster basé sur la modélisation d'impulsions, sortie en 2017

New features:

- Over 500 new patches, the total number of patches has increased to 1076
- Added a comfortable patch browser
- Drag&Drop support: Drag an evnelope or lfo and drop it to a knob to create a matrix entry for modulation
- Right-click on a knob opens a menu where you can assign a massive amount of modulation sources
- Modulation depth control on top left of a knob if a source is assigned 
- Sectors on knobs show the modulation amount. Clipping is shown in red.
- Hovering the mouse over a knob shows the current parameter value and the modulation source
- Added "Psychoacoustic+", a new psychoacoustic mode with enhanced presence  
- The patches can be ranked by clicking on the stars in the patch browser. The rankins are stored as .rnk files within RayBaster_sounds
- Information tags (like legato, unison, etc) for every patch are shown in 'info' tab of the patch browser
- File->'Quick save patch' overwrites a patch with the new settings
- Additonal osc window functions 'Triangle','Hard square','Harder square', 'Taper', 'Sine', 'Fish', 'Add square', 'Lips'
- Responsive and smart GUI with tooltips
- Parameters can be reset to the default value with right-click->reset 
- Switching the effect type now selects good default paramter values
- Edit->'Clean matrix' cleans up the mod matrix and resets unused slots
- Edit->'Reset midi learn' removes all midi CC assignments
- Midi learn support: Right-click on a knob to assign a CC
- New effect 'Reverb Ultra'. It uses the Tone2 UltraSpace algorithm. It is inspired by the Lexicon units
- New effect 'Reverb Big' which has a huge diffuse ambience
- New effect 'Reverb Infinite' which simulates an infinite large room. It is  useful for ambient music
- New effect 'Reverb Trance' which has an detuned sound. It is usful for electronic music
- New effect 'Reverb Band' which has an bandlimited reverb tail. It gives a cleaner mix
- New effect 'Reverb Glass'. It damps low frequencies and has a very bright sound
- New effect 'Reverb Spring' which sounds like a vintage reverb
- New effect 'Reverb Feedb' which has a ringing sound
- New effect 'Delay Fat' is a fat sounding delay
- New effect 'Delay Diffuse' is a delay with a silky and diffuse sound
- New effect 'Delay Dual' is a double delay with independend times for left and right
- New effect 'Tape Delay' whith the sound of an analog tape with detuned Wow
- New effect 'Echo' with fixed delay times in ms
- New effect 'Resonator' with a ringing, oil-tank like sound
- New effect 'Reflections' which results in many chaotic echoes
- New effect 'Chorus 2' is an industry standard chorus
- New effect 'Hypersaw' which sounds like many detuned oscillators
- New effect 'Phaser Feedb' is a phaser with feedback
- New effect 'Phaser Stereo' is a stereo phaser with feedback
- New effect 'Flanger Feedb' is a flanger with feedback
- New effect 'Flanger Stereo' is a stereo phaser with feedback
- New effect 'Vibrato'
- New effect 'Stereo vibrato'
- New effect 'Tremolo'
- New effect 'Autopan' which pans the sound left and right
- 134 new impulse responses in wav format
- 32 bit wav file format support
- Support for exotic wav file headers (Logic X)
- Edit->'Init gate: Ramp up / down / up & down / down & up / random' initializes varius shapes for the step sequencer 
- Edit->'Create random patch'
- Help->'Show version info'
- Help->'Download updates'
- Additional sound categories 'Wobble', 'Pluck', 'Pad 2' and 'Sequence'


News Tone2 RayBlaster 2

Tone2 met à jour RayBlaster à la version 2.6

Tone2 met à jour RayBlaster à la version 2.6

Publiée le 04/06/20
Cette version améliore la qualité sonore, le confort visuel et apporte des fonctionnalités. Si vous êtes sur Mac OS, il vous faut la v10.7 minimum.

RayBlaster 2 arrivera le 3 mars

Publiée le 20/02/17

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