Marshall 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

Marshall 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

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2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992], Ampli combo tout lampe pour guitare de la marque Marshall appartenant à la série JCM900.

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Fiche technique Marshall 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

  • Fabricant : Marshall
  • Modèle : 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]
  • Série : JCM900
  • Catégorie : Amplis combos tout lampe pour guitare
  • Fiche créée le : 25/11/2006

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Avis utilisateurs Marshall 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

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Marshall 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]
This is a 100 watt tube amplifier from Marshall. It features:

- Three 12AX7 pre-amp tubes

- Four EL34 power-amp tubes

- Two independent volume controls which are footswitchable

- One 12" speaker

- Controls are as follows: Pre-amp Volume, Gain Sensitivity, Master Volume A, Master Volume B, Treble, Mids, Bass and Presence

- 100W/50W switch


I find this amp really simple to get a good sound out of. Sounds great with all the knobs in middle position and the master volume set to taste. I really like the sound of this amp when it's cranked it has a distinct marshall tone which I think is great. The effects loop make using modulation pedals much more pleasant as it keeps the sound from getting muddy. The tone stack is simple to use in my experience and it's difficult to make this amp sound bad.


I've used this amp with a Fender Highway One Telecaster frequently and used various fuzz pedals and it sounds amazing. Using this amp with Fender Blender and Electro Harmonix Big Muff pedals I find I can get very similar tones to those on the album Siamese Dream by the band Smashing Pumpkins. I find this amp takes most pedals well, the line 6 MM4 pedal I used it with sounded amazing in the effects loop.


I love this amp, if I had a reason (such as playing in a band) to have such a loud amp then I'd definitely buy it off my friend at the drop of a hat. The only thing I dislike about it is that it does definitely sound like a combo amp so I think I'd try get the head version of this amp although the combo still sounds great and doesn't take up much room.

Images Marshall 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

  • Marshall 2101 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

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