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Mogami Silver Series XLR Microphone Cable

Mogami Silver Series XLR Microphone Cable

Autre câble/connecteur de la marque Mogami

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Mogami Silver Series XLR Microphone CablePublié le 23/08/13 à 04:04
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
Cables are often the part of our signal chain that is taken for granted even though they play a vital role in the signal chain. I have owned and used Mogami instrument cables for years and have never had one fail and still believe they offer some of the highest quality of sound available. The price stated above was for a 25 foot length of cable. When I upgraded my studio this year I needed to add many new devices that I had not had in the past. Now that I had the need for a few XLR cables for reamping, micing sources, and routing signals I knew that I would want to keep the signal quality as high as possible.
To anyone not familiar with Mogami cables they may appear to be odd and cheap looking but do not judge the book by the cover. While the connectors are big and substantial with gold plated connectors are as tough and responsive as they look many people think the cables will not work well because of the thinness. These cables may look thin and honestly I agree they do seem like they would be inadequate but that is not the case. As I stated earlier I have been using these cables and I still have all my original ones from almost ten years ago all in perfect working order. They are incredibly tough. They also reject outside noise and handling noise as if they were 5 times ticker than they are. It is truly confusing how they achieved this but they did and it works.
Now the real deal is in the quality of sound. I have found that these cables do not color the sound like some other high end cables do. Instead they are airy and full. I can hear less compression then with a cheaper quality cable and the frequency response seems broader and even. If it were in my budget I would move up to the gold series cables all around as they are even more pristine sounding but as far as bang for the buck goes I would always say the silver series wins hands down.

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  • Fabricant : Mogami
  • Modèle : Silver Series XLR Microphone Cable
  • Catégorie : Autres câbles/connecteurs
  • Fiche créée le : 23/08/2013

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