Yamaha EMX88S
Yamaha EMX88S

EMX88S, Console amplifiée de la marque Yamaha appartenant à la série EMX.

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AudioArtist 28/11/2012

Yamaha EMX88S : l'avis de AudioArtist (contenu en anglais)

« Good enough for the club gigs! »

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The thing to like about the EMX88S is that it's portable, light, easy to set up and functional enough for those small room club/bar gigs where a full large scale PA is unneccessary or impossible. It's drawbacks are limited individual eq's, size and ease of adjustment, and limited channels.
For the price these are suited well to the small room gig. If you really only need to get some vocal mics and maybe a quiet percussion mic running then this unit will be great. Also, if you are playing a very quiet gig, let's say with a harp, some acoustic guitar, bass, and some vocals as long as you have some decent speakers you'll be able to pull off a good balanced sound while running everything straight into the head, no guitar/bass amps needed.
The individual eq's are lacking, even just a sweepable mid would be a huge improvement. However, the graphic eq for the mains/monitors is definitely helpful to subdue some of those unwanted low mid feedback notes and of course those evil high screeching feedbacks.
Just as a thought, you can use the main direct out and run this into another EMX88S to run your monitors. Doing this you can utilize all of the power of one for your mains and all of the power of the other for your monitors!
The overall sound quality these put out is not bad, not amazing, but definitely passable. Comparatively, these have enough power to run some pretty decent sized speakers and still acheive good sound indoors or outside.
I've used the EMX88S, (a pair of them), with both of my gigging bands in small clubs for a couple years now and they perform as advertised. They have enough power to run nearly any smaller speaker set-up and overall deliver a clean sound.
Depending on your needs and your average venue size the EMX88S could be a fairly sound investment!