Yamaha EMX88S
Yamaha EMX88S

EMX88S, Console amplifiée de la marque Yamaha appartenant à la série EMX.

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JeffTadashi 11/06/2012

Yamaha EMX88S : l'avis de JeffTadashi (contenu en anglais)

« Clips a little easily, but works great »

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The Yamaha EMX88s is a powered mixer with two 400 watt (in 4 ohms) amp sections, which can also be combined in bridge mode. It has 8 main stereo inputs, all which are configured slightly different. The first four channels have hi-z line inputs and mic inputs. The next two channels have super hi-z line inputs and mic inputs. The last two channels have stereo (or mono) line inputs, along with the mic inputs. This gives the user a lot of flexibility with the 8 input channels given. Each channel has a basic EQ control (high, mid, low), a monitor send control, an effect send control, a pan control, an overall level control, and the first 6 channels have a pad switch. One of my biggest (and only) problems with this mixer, is that there is no clipping indicator on any channel. So there is no way to tell if a channel's input or output are pushed too far, unless you simply hear it with your own ears. This can cause extreme distortions if you are not carefully monitoring the output sound of the mixer.

There are two graphic EQ's: one for the main stereo output, and one for the monitor mix. Both of these sections can also mix in the signal from the effects section, and from the "2tr" input, which is essentially the tape input via an RCA connection. The main output also has a control to mix in the aux input as well. This gives you even more opportunities for inputs.

The effects section I find to be a bit excessive, and often unnecessary, but it is nice to add reverb and sometimes delay (to vocals) in certain situations. The flanger, symphonic effects, vocal doubler, and distortion, I find to be useless as a living mixing engineer. There is even a tap delay, with a separate tap button, which is interesting, but probably unnecessary.

Overall, this is a great powered mixer that is packed with power and potential. Be sure to try it out!