M-Audio DX4
M-Audio DX4

DX4, Enceinte de monitoring active de la marque M-Audio appartenant à la série Studiophile.

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acav802 18/03/2009

M-Audio DX4 : l'avis de acav802 (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The DX4's are an inexpensive set of active studio monitors designed for entry-level use. No amp required, just plug them into your computer or mixer and start mixing your music.
1/4" TRS and RCA inputs make them easy to hook up. 70Hz-20KHz frequency response reproduces a wide range of audible frequencies. Great clarity and punch for speakers in this size and price range -- Compared to your friend's boombox, it'll sound like pure joy.
An added feature from M-Audio is the mid-boost switch which can be toggled to adjust for different room acoustics. It's recommended to leave this switch at the "out" position to allow for a flat frequency response.
The only downside here is that the bass is going to be missing from any music with frequencies below 70Hz - this makes up the great portion of hip-hop, dance and other bass heavy genres.


4" low frequency driver and 1" high frequency driver, with a crossover frequency of 2.8KHz
18 watts/channel

The mids and highs are clear and, and the bass you can hear is smooth and balanced. Great stereo image. Highs are a little over-represented, but overall frequency curve is remarkably neutral.

Low frequencies rolled off at about 70Hz, so you won't be hearing sub frequencies with these!

Not ideal monitors for people doing dance, hip-hop or any bass heavy music unless you have a dedicated subwoofer. For mixing most types of music these actually do really well. Testing mixes across several systems you can get really good translation with some practice.


Been in use for mixing ~2 years.
Best part: Inexpensive and good mids & smooth highs. Easy connection to any setup. Mixes translate well as long as they aren't bass heavy, or you use a separate subwoofer.
Worst part: No sub-bass frequencies.

Good value for the price, but you might want to spring for some slightly more expensive but better sounding KRK monitors.
Quality is quite good, never had any distortion in the time I have used this pair of monitors, so I would definitely consider buying M-Audio again.