Kurzweil KORE 64

Kurzweil KORE 64

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KORE 64, Extension pour Instrument Electronique de la marque Kurzweil appartenant à la série PC3.

Neuf à partir de 191 € Prix moyen : 191 €

Fiche technique Kurzweil KORE 64

  • Fabricant : Kurzweil
  • Modèle : KORE 64
  • Série : PC3
  • Catégorie : Extensions pour Instruments Electroniques
  • Fiche créée le : 22/10/2012

 From Kurzweil website page @: http://kurzweil.com/accessory/kore64/


KORE 64 Overview

The KORE 64™ ROM option represents a complete expansion and reimagining of the PC3 and PC3K's sonic potential (not for the PC3LE). Pushing the limits of V.A.S.T. synthesis for both realistic and experimental electronic sounds, KORE 64™ adds over 300 new programs, including stunning new Synths, Electric Guitars, Horns, Drums and Percussion. With KORE 64™ installed, the PC3/K built-in program library now totals over 1400 presets!

New Setups:
  • 50 new setups featuring the KORE 64™ sounds.
  • Over 200 new drum grooves in multiple styles.
  • New Dance and Hip Hop setups for triggering and controlling beats in real time.
New Synths:
  • New samples modeled after the Oberheim SEM, ARP Chroma, TX802, CZ1, and dozens of legacy waveforms from the K series.
  • Over 100 new synth programs.
  • Sounds for popular electronic music styles like House, Trance, Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Glitch, Electro Hip Hop, and more.
  • More real time controls, beat-synced modulations and envelope control transform sounds without hitting the edit button.
  • Atmospheric and cycling pads voiced for performing, producing, and scoring.
New Guitars:
  • New samples modeled after the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.
  • Palm muted and sustained articulations playable in a picked or legato style.
  • Instant-shredder arpeggiator patterns, whammy bar effects, and realistic feedback emulations.
  • Preset sounds from Rock, Country, Rock-a-Billy, Metal, Funk, and more.
New Brass/Woodwinds:
  • New alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet, and trombone samples.
  • New programs include solo instruments and custom sections with many combinations of the different instruments.
  • Articulate with pressure on several new programs.
  • Sections cover styles from Big Band, Soul, Funk, Latin, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock and more.
New Drums
  • Drums from Yamaha, Ludwig, Pearl, DW, Rogers, and Gretsch recorded as full kits.
  • Full cymbal arrays recorded with Zildjian, Paiste, and Sabian cymbals.
  • 72 new Drum Kits and 62 percussion instruments and templates.
  • 10 times the samples and 30 times the data of the existing PC3/PC3K Drums.
  • All drum kits have mixer functioning on the sliders to change the level the kick, snare, toms, hats, and percussion independently.
  • Unsurpassed realism and playability for sampled drums.
  • Full complement of Electronic and Processed Drum samples.
  • Scratches, hits and Industrial Sounds.
  • Wide variety of traditional and processed Percussion sounds.


User Installable.

Requires:  PC3K OS v2.20 or better
                  PC3 OS v2.20 or better


Distribué par Saico


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KORE 64 ROM Radical Expansion pour PC3 et PC3K 191 €

News Kurzweil KORE 64

Sortie des cartes Kurzweil KORE 64 ROM

Sortie des cartes Kurzweil KORE 64 ROM

5 Publiée le 19/12/12
Les cartes d'extension Kurzweil CORE 64 ROM sont à présent disponibles à la vente en France.

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  • Kurzweil KORE 64
  • Kurzweil KORE 64
  • Kurzweil KORE 64

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