Korg RK-100
Korg RK-100
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L'avis de mooseherman (contenu en anglais)

Korg RK-100
This, basically, is one of the more popular keytars out there. It's basically a 41-note remote keyboard, actually a MIDI synth or module controller. Therefore, it has the general MIDI connection. I was looking to try a Keytar of some type, thinking it might be fun. There wasn't much about this instrument that intrigued besides the keytar novelty and the fact this is one of the more popular keytars.


The setup of this was no more complex than any other MIDI controller. I didn't have a manual, but I could figure out the setup process pretty clearly. It's easy to use one hand to press the buttons which change between the 64 different programs. With the same hand you can use the knobs to control the modulation, pitch bending, and volume.


I feel like I got what I expected out of this thing. It is a whole lot of fun to play, and it sounds just like you'd expect, a cheesy, 80s style synth. The fact that you can really only play it with one hand at a time is sort of frustrating to any real keyboardist, but it was really only designed for simple chords or single-note riffs anyway. As someone said to me before, "it's not like you're going to play a concerto on this thing". Another criticism I had was that the touch sensitivity was almost nonexistent, but then again, you'd only expect an obnoxious synth sound from this anyway. Overall, if you know the limitations of the instrument from the beginning, and are still interested, nothing is going to sway your interest. Definitely recommended for anyone who really wants it. Just good luck finding one, I happened to stumble across it randomly. I know many others who are willing to pay a decent price for one.