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First Act Metro-tuner

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  • darkwolf291darkwolf291

    Bon tuner

    First Act Metro-tunerPublié le 12/04/11 à 01:34
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    This is a combination of a metronome and a tuner. The metronome can go from 30 to 260 beats per minute. It can be calibrated for 1-9 beats per measure. It has a volume control on the top, a headphone out, a 1/4" input for electric instruments, a mic for tuning acoustic instruments, and runs on two AAA batteries. It has no output and no option for a power adapter, which are both minuses for me. If you're tuning an electric guitar, every time you need to check your tuning, you need to unplug the guitar from the amp or pedal, and plug it into this. It's not for playing live or playing with a band, or any other time when getting tuned up quick is a necessity. The batteries last a long time, which is good, because I use it a lot. The metronome keeps time very well, and is very useful for practicing songs, techniques, ect.
    The tuner side is a chromatic tuner. In tuning mode, you can switch between showing semitones as sharps or flats. Hold the Metronome/Tuner button to switch between modes. In tuner mode, you can sound out a tone at a pitch you select and tune by ear. The tuner can be calibrated from A4 = 435 to 445 hertz, for those of you who like tuning to something other than standard, concert pitch. The tuner is accurate to +/- 2 cent, which, compared to other pedal tuners, isn't the best, but for $15 it is great. The tone generator is accurate within 0.5 cent, which is decent.
    All in all, this is a great tuner for cheap. Decent accuracy, fast tracking and decent note recognition. The metronome keeps time excellent and has loads of options. This is a decent tuner for a very good price.