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joshsound 07/10/2008

Shure 55SH Series II : l'avis de joshsound (contenu en anglais)


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Here is a very nice looking vocal mic intended for the stage. It is very stunning to look at as a throwback to the retro mics of the 50's and 60's. You would expect to see Elvis grabbing one of these and singing into it. Apart from the extraordinary appearance, it is actually not a bad mic for live purposes. I find that it sounds very similar to the Shure SM58, and I would not be surprised if it is actually the same cartridge inside. This is a dynamic mic and you don't need any phantom power for it. It will connect with a standard XLR cable. It doesn't have a low cut filter switch on it, but the frequency response definitely seems to drop off fairly quickly below 65 Hz or so, so one is not very badly needed. It is a cardioid pickup pattern, so you will get the rejection you need for this perform well on a stage. One handy feature that it has apart from turning heads is the on/off switch. I think those are very underrated for live vocal mics since they come in handy all the time.


I bought this maybe 10 years ago when I was doing more gigging. I thought the sound was definitely passable for a live club setting, and the fact that the mic really caught the eye was a nice bonus. The frequency response is tailored for vocals, with a presence peak for intelligibility and a low roll-off to reduce rumbling. You end up with a pretty full and even sounding vocal coming through this which your live engineer will appreciate. These will cost you around $150, which is not much more than the similar sounding SM58. I think it's worth it and a good value. I'd get it again.