Astuce : lire plus d'un fichier mp3

Par circus prod le 11/03/2012 - (Tout public)

I finally got the flash drive working with many folders and mp3's in it. It was a weird problem. The thumb drive was fine. The port was fine. It's how you get to play the files that was weird. So here's how we found out how to play the files:

- insert the thubdrive
- press the cd....usb button......scanning will start and finish
- press the track dial and select the file you want to play
(if you're in the folder level press track dial again to go to file level)
- press play button (this is where the weird part is). the file will not play.
- press the track dial and mp3 starts to play (duh???)

I don't know if this is a firmware issue or a hardware fault or is it suppose to be this way??? It's really confusing. The folder button does not work at all. If you need to select the folder turn the track dial then press it to go to the file level then press play button then press track dial again to play the file.

I can now play the mp3's but I'm disappointed on how I can play them (the sequence of operation that is). I hope a firmware update will solve this issue.

en gros pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais il y a un problème avec cette platine qui fait qu'elle ne lit pas les mp3 ( sur clé usb ou sur cd ) même s'ils s'affichent à l'écran .

la solution :

insérer clé usb ou cd mp3 choisir sur la platine cd ou usb , laisser scanner les fichiers et appuyer sur le potard track dial pour démarrer la lecture