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contenu en anglais
moosers 07/02/2011

Alesis The Wedge : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
Alesis' The Wedge is a mini reverb effects device that is designed to sit on top of your desktop. It's an older unit, but still sounds good and is quite easy to use. It's quite compact and features an easy to use interface without too much clutter at all. It's digital reverb here and isn't rackable as it's more or less a portable device.


Using the Alesis The Wedge couldn't be much simpler. You can scroll through the presets with the toggle wheel or make your own. It's got four sliders for the controlling the level of reverbs and also has a series of buttons for programming, storing, and further controlling the effects. I've never had a look at a manual for The Wedge, nor do I think one is really necessary.


While not incredible sounding, Alesis' The Wedge still sounds quite good and has some very useful reverb. It's got pretty much the full spectrum of different types of reverbs on here, or at least I didn't notice any major ones missing. The studio I work at has one of these on hand, although I didn't discover it until recently as it was kind of hidden in our back closet. It's definitely not the most up to date piece of gear, but still has worth and sounds good. Perhaps if we didn't have a real plate reverb it would see a bit more use.


Alesis' The Wedge is a great way to get some nice sounding reverbs in a compact device at a cheap price. For most, it's probably going to be more efficient and effective to get a nice reverb plug-in, but this is going to be cheaper. I'd check it out if you're able but it's not that readily available, so most will be taking a shot in the dark buying it. More times than not it'll be worth it, but I'd rather have a nice plug-in myself...