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Prime Loops Glitch Cuts

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  • johnraejohnrae

    Ce sont super cool!

    Prime Loops Glitch CutsPublié le 12/05/12 à 06:21
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    This is a pack of over 1,000 drum hits, focusing on the textural and downright weird genre of glitch. While using samples might not make you a true glitcher, these are pretty darn cool and really fun to play around with. The thing with these is while they are marketed as glitch samples, they can add a rough little sparkle to even the sleekest dance tracks. These come in WAV, AIFF, Battery 3, Kontakt, Ableton Live and many other popular formats, though I buy mine in WAV form. No performance issues in Ableton Live 8, drag and drop, tweak the volumes and your ready to go.


    The sounds are actually pretty awesome. They work well in all kinds of music to give it a digital-ish texture that can actually really add a lot to a track. The variations between sounds is pretty great, and I really like some of them to the point where I'd call this a standout release. I'd definitely recommend this to someone who feels their tracks are lacking in original sound or repetitive. It's a bit pricier than some other packs at almost 25 bucks, but everything is a great quality. All the sounds are 24 bit/44.1 Khz. If you have the cash to spare, pick this one up!


    The thing I like most about this collection is the reuse-ability of the sounds, and how well they can fit in to so many different styles of music. They're just as effective in post-rock as they are in minimal techno, and they sound great at any end of the spectrum. I love the fact that it doesn't feel like you just bought 1,000 copies of the same sound. I would really say if you got 25 bucks and nothing to spend it on, buy this, as you'll be sure to take some sweet inspiration from many of the sounds. Also, glitch is just a great flair to anything that seems like it could use a little filler, or fluff in the extra space. A standout, but not a must-have.