Numark Mixdeck Express
Numark Mixdeck Express
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JimboSpins 07/11/2012

Numark Mixdeck Express : l'avis de JimboSpins (contenu en anglais)

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The Numark MixDeck Express is a mixer control surface that you can plug up to your PC via USB. It has dual CD decks and a 3 channel mixer. It comes with Serato DJ software (which I cannot stand) and has 2 touch sensitive platters for spinning. Using this unit has really showed me how easy it is to use your whole sound library to mix with. You can mix directly from CDs or a USB flash drive. You can even mix directly from your computer hard drive. So whenever you have a set to do you will have all of your music with you at all times.
Setting up the MixDeck is simple; you do not need to worry about if it is compatible with your system as long as you have a newer system. You can use this unit with any DJ software that is out because it is very easy to sync up. Most of the time I do not use it with a computer though I just go right form CD’s. That was the main reason that I decided that I wanted to use the Mixdeck. At the time I was learning to mix right from CD’s and needed a good unit to learn with.
This unit does not come with a case, but you can go out and purchase a case for it. The case is will cost a good amount of money but it is worth having it. The value for the quality of this unit is great, it is well made and I can see myself having it for years to come.
Numark does have another unit that I am interested in called the MixDeck Quad and the iCDMIX 3. One of those to models will be what I step up to once I decide to get rid of this MixDeck Express. This unit is great for pros and for beginners to learn on. Mix from CD’s or hard drives quickly and easily.