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Ressources Prophecy

Par Shamk le 26/01/2007 - (Tout public)
Les plus grandes ressources internet pour korg prophecy et le Z1 se trouvaient sur le site de LFO4

Il est désormais fermé :

Citation : The Latest updates @ has been online since1996 and contained information, tips and downloads for the KORG Prophecy and KORG Z1 synthesizers. After ten years of online support for these two synths it was time for me to do something else with the webspace and my precious time. The website is offline now (To put it in another way: you just missed it ;-)

However, the complete can be ordered on CD. You'll get a 1-on-1 duplicate of the latest version of the website containing all the informative webpages and pictures, downloads (editors, utilities and sounds), mp3 demos, DIY projects, repair manuals (aftertouch and AT-strips, audio outputs), original magazine reviews, eprom information, buying guides, LFO time tables, and an extensive listing of artists and songs using the Prophecy or the Z1. You can order the CD by doing the following:
- pack 15 euros or 20 US dollars of paper money in tinfoil and put this in a bubble-envelope that can hold a CD,
- leave the envelope OPEN and write your name and complete address on this envelope,
- put this envelope in a bigger sturdy envelope (close this one) and send it to the following address:

Erik's website,
Laan van Minsweerd 84,
3583 BV Utrecht,
Netherlands, Europe...

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