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Rob Papen SubBoomBass

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SubBoomBass, Synthé virtuel hybride de la marque Rob Papen.

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Fiche technique Rob Papen SubBoomBass

  • Fabricant : Rob Papen
  • Modèle : SubBoomBass
  • Catégorie : Synthés virtuels hybrides
  • Fiche créée le : 17/01/2009

Oscillators section:

  • 2 Oscillators with Analogue types waveforms and tuned percussion waveforms.
  • Oscillator waveform Symmetry control for each oscillator.
  • Free running option for each oscillator and Oscillator Syncing of oscillator 2 to oscillator 1.
  • Extended semitone range going from -48 semitones up to +48 semitones.
  • Separate octave control and fine-tuning.
  • Keyboard tracking on/off for each oscillator.
  • Each Oscillator offers Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) using an independent LFO for each oscillator with individual speed
    and amount controls.
  • FM and Ring modulation modes for Oscillator 2.
  • Each oscillator has a (PWM) square wave or sinus wave Sub-oscillator .
  • Volume control for each oscillator and output on/off for Oscillator 1.

Filter section:

  • Main filter is an analogue modelled stereo Multimode Filter, offering 6dB LowPass and HighPass, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB LowPass and HighPass, 12dB and 24dB BandPass,
    12dB and 24dB Notch, Comb and Vocal Filter
  • Pre-filtering distortion.
  • Easy Filter control by pre-defined Cutoff Frequency modulation controllers: Envelope, Velocity, Key-tracking, LFO and Modulation Wheel.
  • Built-in Filter Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Fade and Release.
  • Build in Filter LFO with various waveforms, modulation amount control and tempo sync option with speed settings between 16/1 and 1/32t.
  • LFO Poly, free or mono mode options.

Filter2 section:

  • Additional Filter with cutoff control offering 6dB, 12dB and 24dB LowPass or HighPass setting.

Filter Path:

  • Additional Filter 1 and Filter 2 path selector.
  • Serial mode, Parallel mode and Split mode (Osc1>Filter1 / Osc2>Filter2)

Amp section:

  • Built-in Amp/Volume Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Fade and Release.
  • Volume control. Velocity> Volume amount.
  • Panning control.

Free modulation section

  • 1 Envelopes with Attack, Decay Sustain, Fade and Release.
  • Option to control the Envelopes times using "velocity" or "key played".
  • Modulation Amount Envelope and amount control for this Envelope.
  • 48 modulation destinations.
  • 1 LFO's with various waveforms.
  • Tempo sync option with speed settings between 16/1 and 1/32t.
  • Poly, free or mono mode options.
  • Modulation Amount and amount control for this LFO.
  • 48 modulation destinations.
  • 4 free modulation routings.
  • 32 modulation sources.
  • 48 modulation destinations.
  • Secondary modulation source & control.

Play modes section:

  • Mono/Mono2/Legato/Legato2/Sequencer/Poly Play modes
  • Unison2/Unison4/Unsion6/ and Octave modes with Unison detune
  • Portamento featuring constant rate/constant time or held(legato) constant rate/constant time.
  • Adjustable Analogness setting to simulate the instability of vintage analogue synthesizers.
  • Demo C2 button to preview sounds.
  • Global Tuning.
  • Decay/Release Shape. This Changes the curvature of Predator's envelopes decay and release stages. From exponential to linear to logarithmic.

Overall Pitch modulation section:

  • Tempo sync-able global Pitch LFO. You can set the amount and also which wave is used for this LFO.
  • Pitch bend with separate settings for up and down pitch-bends.


  • 16 step sequencer
  • sequence A and B option
  • sequence A and B play modes includes split, top and join.
  • Sequencer patterns can be 1-16 steps long.
  • Speed setting of 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, 3/2, 2, 3 and 4x BPM.
  • Overall step length.
  • Swing amount.
  • Slide amount for sliding steps.
  • Velocity control knob which mixes between keyboard (midi) velocity input and the steps velocity settings.
  • Each step has on/off, Tie, Slide, Tune, Velocity, Free, Osc1 waveform, Osc2 waveform row.
  • Tie modes normal and special which allows Slide, Tune, Velocity and Free settings inside a step if that step is set to Tie. Toggle modes 1 and 2 which toggle between normal and special.
  • Sequencer Latch which can be controlled by the midi sustain pedal.
  • You can load, save, copy, paste and clear sequencer, so you can reuse them in different presets. .

FX section:

  • HQ effects blocks in serial mode and split mode option if Filter 1/2 are in 'Split' mode
  • Available effects: Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Comb, Reverb, Chorus, Chorus/Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Wah/Delay, Distort, Low-Fi, Amp Sim,WaveShaper, Stereo Widener, Auto Pan, Gator, Bass Enhancer, FX Filter, Equalizer, Compressor, Ensemble Cabinet, MultiDistort, Auto Wah.
    Midi tempo based settings in most effects.
  • 2 FX modulation sources for connecting midi or synth controls to FX parameters.

Preset section:

  • Uses sound banks composed of 128 presets.
  • Preset handling with copy, paste, clear and compare function.
    'Quick Browser', 'Recently Browsed' and 'Favorite' functions.
  • Presets are stored in clear categories banks.
  • Bank mananger
  • More then 1000 presets


  • 6-voice polyphony in poly pay mode
  • Parameter read-out field inside preset section.

PC: 32 et 64 bits VST et AAX pour Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
     Mac: 32 et 64 bits AU, VST et AAX pour OSX 10.6 ou plus
     Compatible avec NI NKS
     Système série / licence
     Le 2ème numéro de série pour le second ordinateur / ordinateur portable est disponible après avoir enregistré la licence d'origine du produit.

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Avis utilisateurs Rob Papen SubBoomBass

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L'avis de lightha

Rob Papen SubBoomBass
L'installation se fait-elle sans problème ?oui
Avez vous rencontré des incompatibilités ?non j'utilise mac osx 10.6.8
La configuration générale est-elle facile ?oui
Le manuel est-il clair et suffisant ? c'est quoi ça??


Quelle est la configuration de votre ordinateur ? (Carte mère/processeur/Ram/disque /carte son..)
MAC PRO néhalem
Intel QUAD CORE 3.2Ghz
16 Go de mémoire
snow léopard
Le logiciel fonctionne-t-il correctement sur cette configuration ?
oui monsieur


Depuis combien de temps l'utilisez vous ?
1 heure
Quelle est la particularité que vous aimez le plus, le moins ?
la qualité du son et du prix je l'ai eu sur ebay a 75eu
Aviez vous essayé beaucoup d'autres modèles avant de l'acquérir ?
oui j'ai komplete 8 ultimate,les basses sont bonnes mais ce logiciel m'a beaucoup plu
a l'écoute et de plus se trouve être dans le style de son que je fais...
Comment jugez vous le rapport qualité/prix ?
très bon parfait pour le petits budgets du bon son sans se ruiner ;)

Avec l'expérience, referiez vous ce choix ?
et comment! ça vaut le coup et le prix est raisonnable!

contenu en anglais

L'avis de PaulyPaul (contenu en anglais)"All the bass you will ever need"

Rob Papen SubBoomBass
Rob Papen’s SubBoomBass is a VST that has a built in 16 step sequencer and is compatible with both PC’s and Mac’s. the SubBoomBass VST will give your music that much needed low end to fill it out. The interface is very user friendly but can be overwhelming at first due to all the knobs and sliders/parameters that are there for you to mess with and tweak. Also the step sequencer took some time to get the hang of because it was unlike any of the other step sequencers that I was using at the time. It did come with a manual that was easy to understand, and I am glad that it was easy because I had to refer to it several times until I was ready to use SubBoomBass all on my own and fully understand its functions.


Installing it was simple and only took a few minutes. It has never crashed on my Windows XP machine using it with Cubase, Reason, and FL Studio. It has not even made my system slow at all. You can use it simultaneously and it still will not cause any problems as long as you have a Pentium 4 processor or faster on a PC or 1.5GHz or faster on a Mac. You do need to have at least a 10.4 OS on Mac or higher in order for SubBoomBass to work properly.


I was looking for an affordable bass VST that can give me different options and the ability to fully edit each Bass sound. I wanted a VST that was made just for Bass purposes and I found this one. It has some really good out of the box presets that you can use right away dry with no effects and be happy with it. But once you dig deep and understand how to work this VST you will have infinite possibilities with your Bass sounds from here on out.
contenu en anglais

L'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)"Let Rob Papen take care of your bass"

Rob Papen SubBoomBass
Sub Boom Bass from Rob Papen was a vst that was very much expected after having used predator. I knew 100 percent that when I saw Sub Boom Bass from Rob Papen that it was going to be worth the money spent because the baselines in Predator are awesome so him coming out with a vst that is concentrated on bass and low end frequencies will be perfect. I am always in search for a vst that specializes in one area and your bass instruments are something that you shouldn’t take lightly. Using Sub Boom Bass has really gave me some really deep fat bass for my songs. If you know how to mix properly your base will be outstanding and this could be the best bass vst that I have every used, there are very few actually bass dedicated vst’s that can even come close to Sub Boom Bass.


Installing was very easy and quick. It only took a few minutes to install and get it registered and start running. I have never needed a manual, and im not sure if it even came with one if I remember correctly. But I think if you really need it you can download it online pretty easy. Running this vst has caused no computer issues and everything has run great when using it.


You cant pass up on this vst, this is a must have especially if you are in need of some good bass to really make your music full and rich . If you have a little bit of mixing knowledge and you can get that bass to sit right in your mix you will be amazed on how good it sounds. I get feedback all the time from my bass that I use in my music and I owe it all to Rob Papen’s Sub boom Bass.

News Rob Papen SubBoomBass

SubBoomBass en promo chez Rob Papen

SubBoomBass en promo chez Rob Papen

Publiée le 13/10/17
La version 2 du synthé de basse virtuel SubBoomBass devrait arriver à la fin de l’année. En attendant, Rob Papen baisse le tarif de la v1.

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