TIMBALES, Timbale de la marque Lp.

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moosers 09/08/2009

Lp TIMBALES : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The LP Timbales are a set of timbale drums that have a great feel and look as well as sound quality.  LP is the best when it comes to percussion in my opinion and they are who I look to for all of my percussion needs.  I decided to pick up a set of these drums about two years ago for a recording session and I’m glad that I did because I have used them many times since then for various recording sessions, most of which I didn’t plan on using them on until I tried them out.  While I’m not a drummer, I can play a lot of percussion instruments and these have been no problem for me to play and to overdub on recordings.  I haven’t ever used them for live shows or anything like that, strictly keeping them in my home studio and they work perfect for that.  They have a great sound quality recorded and when you are practicing with them.  In terms of recording, I generally will use either a Shure SM57 or a Beyer M88 and place it about a foot above the drums as I find that this gets me a pretty good sound that picks up all of the nuances of the drums while still giving the sound some room to breath.  While I don’t use these on everything (or even close to it), it is great to have these around for the occasion that I do decide that they would be cool to try out as they have come in handy on numerous occasions.  The price is very reasonable for such a nice set of drums and even for those of us who aren’t drummers but like having percussion instruments around to record with, these work great.  If you are a drummer and want a set of timbales to add to your drum set to give you some variety in terms of drum tones, I highly recommend checking out the LP Timbales because they have a great sound and won’t break the bank.