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1 Fatboyslim
Pour ceux qui comprennent l'anglais,voici un truc lu sur le forum de stéréolab qui résume bien le personnage=

Fatboy Slim = Talentless

Does anyone else here also despise the goofy good-time student-orientated crock of shite that this enterprising guy has been churning out for the past 10 years to ever diminishing returns?

I mean, consider the incriminating evidence - this guy is the Jive Bunny it's considered hip to like. He's a decent enough chap in real life, as we all know - there's really nothing egotistical or showy about him (let's leave that to his wife, shall we) - but he's sure been involved in many dodgy set ups that's for sure (I'm not counting his first venture which was The Housemartins as it wasn't a band that fell under his complete control anyway - more like he just happened to deputise on bass duties cos the original bassplayer couldn't stand the prospect of mass success and left before they hit it big.)

The first one being Beats International - that perennially dodgy Clash-bassline-stealing collective who featured - and I kid you not - the music world's ORIGINAL Spaghetti-slurper - Lindy Layton (former "Grange Hill" actress who starred in a famous Heinz advert on the TV - so suck on THAT one Fatboy Kevin!!!), who, one as to admit - were really rather naff actually.

The second band were Freakpower, who again scored a huge hit with a Levi's ad tune which they simply couldn't follow up - said tune was also a blatant rip off of 70's classic "Witch Queen Of New Orleans" by Redbone. But not many people knew that.

The third act was Pizzaman, a novelty guise which existed purely on a Timmy Mallet-esque level so no change there then.....

The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh acts were further aliases so utterly forgettable that even I can't remember them....

He finally hit paydirt with his eighth alias - Fatboy Slim.

And the rest is student-disco-friendly hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don't-care acid-house-smiley casualty history.....

He was also responsible for almost destroying Cornershop's career - rendering them a near one-hit wonder thanks to his irritatingly goofy and gormless sped up remix of "Grim Poodle Basher". A reworking so inane and spectacularly irritating that even the original composer of said tune had no alternative but to disown it - bet he's completely traumatised by the lingering memory of it now, poor Mr Tjinder Singh...

So, what exactly does this man do, apart from twiddle a few knobs and wave his arms aloft at regular intervals, he sure doesn't play his own instruments anymore. Just content to pilfer and make naff-sounding crowd-pleasing tunes to an audience so anaesthetised by this climate of banal mundanity that they wouldn't even have the energy to muster up any kind of collective resistance to this aural fodder clogging up their lugholes on a day to day basis even if you rammed high voltage cattle prods up their Pot Noodle-encrusted arses..

He's recently done exactly the same tiresome stunt to a Blur song - their recent single "Crazy Beat" - thus automatically rendering it, too, ultra-naff and destined for the End Of Season Butlins Bargain Bins.

So, thank you Mr Fatboy Slim for enriching my life in such a truly magical way....
Where would we be without your musical prowess we frankly couldn't imagine.....
Et BIM ! :mdr: mais c'est pas le seul à vendre des skeuds de merde et se la péter pionnier de l'électronique... La liste est tellement longue c'est même pas la peine...