Gotharman's Little deFormer 2

Gotharman's Little deFormer 2

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Little deFormer 2, Workstation de la marque Gotharman's.

Occasion à partir de 1 550 €

Fiche technique Gotharman's Little deFormer 2

  • Fabricant :Gotharman's
  • Modèle :Little deFormer 2
  • Catégorie :Workstations
  • Fiche créée le :06/08/2014

Lien page Little Deformer 2

Little deFormer specs:

Sampling section

-Will come loaded with samplings of other Gotharman machines - See list below!

-Non-volatile internal storage of 100 minutes of samplings (200 minutes with memory expansion) / max 512 samplings (1024 with memory expansion). *NEW

-Maximum possible sample time for one sampling is 100 minutes.

-When samplings are recorded, they can be selected just like waveforms on a synth - NO loading times!

-16 samplings can be assigned to the step buttons for each preset (512 presets)

-Build-in Oscillators can be selected per step button instead of a sampling. These can morph from sine to triangle to saw to square to noise, and all waves can be pulsewidth modulated.*NEW

-4 note polyphonic

-Each sampling has its own filter - All of the filter types from deMOON plus some new odd ones, with added filter shape adjustment and positive/negative mix

-Each sampling/Oscillator has an envelope that can modulate pitch, filter cutoff, filtermix and sample output level.

-Samples start and end points can be adjusted in realtime and modulated

-Non-destructive Auto-Chop - After auto-chop is performed, it is possible to adjust, add or delete chop-points

-Resampling with effects

-Quick Record mode lets you instantly record a sampling, whenever you want, just by pressing the "Exit" and "Freeze" buttons at the same time.

-Sample Record Auto Trigger. Starts sample recording automaticly, when the audio source reaches an adjustable level. *NEW

Effects section

-Both sample/oscillator voices and external audio sources connected the audio inputs can be processed through the effects.

-Sample/oscillator voices and audio inputs can be assigned to one of four effect busses. Each effect are assigned to a bus.

-Audio can be saved together with an effect preset, for easy recall of THAT perfect moment!

-Gotharman's granulator with zero-point detection and 2 granulating tracks.

-Gotharman's AnaGran simpler step-granulator from my anAmoNo synthesizer. *NEW

-Gotharman's Variator effect. A granular effect that will create variations of the audio input.

-Gotharman's Abstruct0 effect. A triple random granular effect.

-TimeStretch - Grainy realtime timestretching of any input signal.

-Delays with some new odd parameters like "delay box depth" and "beam" and "Freeze". When a delay is frozen, it's audio contents can be saved as a sampling.

-Reverb - Not a clean convolution one, but a FAT synthesized reverb with many sound possibilities

-Chorus - A simple 2-tap chorus effect with feedback and depth. *NEW

-Bit manipulation effects like "bit reduction" (of course) and a newly designed Gotharman effect "Obscembler" -a bit weird.

-Various distortion effects

-Glitch Shifter - It is definately not a pitchshifter, so it MUST be a.....

-Gotharman's PitchShaper - From my eurorack module with the same name, with some new added parameters, plus a new one-input variation.

-Gotharman's MIDI triggered compressor

-Filterbank with some newly engineered filter types, filter shape adjustment and both positive and negative mix

-Effect functions: Copy effect, randomize effect *NEW

Sequencer section

-32 track, 32 step TR-style step sequencer

-Fully user programmable Swing modulation  *NEW

-512 patterns (one for each preset)

-512 Songs *NEW

-4 controller tracks - Assignable to most parameters

-Able to control both the internal samplings, synthesizers and effects as well as external MIDI gear

-Control tracks can be linked directly to note step tracks, for melodic playback

-Each track, both note and controller, can have separate length settings *NEW

-Each controller track has separate time signature settings *NEW

-2 presets (patterns) can be linked together, with adjustment of how many times each preset should play *NEW

-In Song mode it is possible to arrange the playback of patterns in 120 steps. For each step it is possible to adjust, how many times track 1 should play back *NEW

-Syncs to MIDI clock, or any other clock source through the AnaX Analog Expander

-Sequencer functions: Clear sequence, Copy sequence, Randomize sequence *NEW

Note Randomizer

-4 channel randomizer attached to the step sequencer

-Each channel has: Note-on probability, velocity and time parameters.


-10 LFO's with morphing between waveforms: Triangle, saw, square, pulse, unlinear high-frequency waves and random. LFO's rate, wave and mod amount can be modulated. The LFO's can also be key-synced, and they can loop or only run one time. *NEW

-16 voice trigged random modulators - One for each sampling/oscillator. *NEW

-4 Sequencer tracks.

-8 knobs.


-Velocity. *NEW

-Modulation matrix with 32 sources and destinations at a time. Allmost all parameters can be a destination.


-512 - All user re-writable. Stored in FLASH RAM, so like all other Gotharman products, no battery back-up is needed.

-When an effect preset is saved, and "Freeze" is on, audio is saved together with the preset.

-Transmits and receives preset data via MIDI *NEW


-OS can be updated via MIDI. I have planned to use the Little deFormer as my platform for engineering new effects. These will be available as updates.

-Receive and transmits note on/off messages for triggering of samplings and grains.

-Most parameters can be assigned to MIDI CC's and velocity. *NEW

-Receives, tranmits and re-transmit MIDI clock.


-MIDI: In and out

-Audio: 2 x Mono in, stereo out. A/D and D/A 24 bit, 44.1 KHz, internal processing 40 bit, sample resolution 16 bit.

-Expansion: For connecting the AnaX analog expander, anAmoNo box, SP box and future expanders.


-LD2: (W) 22 x (D) 12.5 x (H) 5 cm

-Weight: 930 grams


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