Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter

Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter

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C35 3.5mm Converter, Alimentation pour pédale de la marque Truetone appartenant à la série 1 Spot.

3 avis d'utilisateurs
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Fiche technique Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter

  • Fabricant : Truetone
  • Modèle : C35 3.5mm Converter
  • Série : 1 Spot
  • Catégorie : Alimentations pour pédales
  • Fiche créée le : 13/04/2006

Allows the 1 SPOT and MC5 cable to power Electro-Harmonix, older DOD, and other pedals that require a positive tip 3.5mm (1/8″) plug.


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CL-35 Adapteur Plug Mini Jack 6 €
(66 avis)
3.5 millimeter converter vcl35 3,90 €

Avis utilisateurs Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter

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L'avis de TheStratGuy

Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter
Indispensable pour raccorder certaines pédales (notamment des marques Electro-Harmonix, Tech 21, ProCo...) nécessitant un format mini-jack à une alimentation classique (barillet au format Boss), cet adaptateur a en plus l'avantage d'être assez facilement disponible.

Il remplit son rôle, est abordable (environ 5€), solide, fiable et flexible: que demander de plus? A adopter sans hésiter.
floyd the barber25/11/2012

L'avis de floyd the barber"indispensable pour les vieilleries !"

Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter
j'ai acheté cet adaptateur pour pouvoir alimenter mes vieilles pédales EHX sans avoir a passer par un bloc d'alim individuel ni par des piles 9V.

pour moi, c'est la solution ideale pour alimenter tout ce qui a besoin d'une alim mini jack !
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L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter
The Visual Sound CL-35 Adapter Plug Mini Jack is a small connector which allows you to convert power for your pedals from a standard 9 volt jack to a 1/8" mini plug jack.  I use this pedal in tandem with a daisy chain that I hook this onto and to power up both an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedal and a few other pedals that I have that require a mini plug like this one.  I wasn't able to find too many adapters like this one, so this one was pretty much my only choice out there to get this job done.  I must say that I'm very pleased with this little adapter as it has made me not have to rely on nine volt batteries to power up my pedals that don't have the standard nine volt jack on them.  The cable is built pretty well and I expect for it to last a pretty long time as I don't see myself having to replace it anytime soon.  Visual Sound offers up a variety of different connectors like this, making it possible to power up just about any pedal using the 1 Spot and daisy chain, which is really cool as it helps to consolidate the powering of all my pedals to a single location.  I can't think of anything that I don't like about the Visual Sound CL-35 Adapter Plug Mini Jack as it has done everything that I had expected it to.  The price of the cable is very cheap, so it isn't like they try to rip you off with a product that can't really be found elsewhere, which is definitely nice as I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if I had another pedal that needed it.  This is probably your best bet to power up Electro-Harmonix pedals if you have a daisy chain and don't have the power supply or are simply looking to consolidate your power supplies.

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  • Truetone C35 3.5mm Converter

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