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Ovation CC44-5

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Autre guitare électro-acoustique de la marque Ovation appartenant à la série Celebrity

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  • moosersmoosers

    Ovation CC44-5Publié le 03/05/10 à 19:42
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    The Ovation CC44 is an acoustic/electric guitar that is suitable for use in the recording studio or on the stage. My experience with the CC44 isn't for either, as I've only tried it out a few times as a friend of mine owns it and not myself. I've also only played the CC44 acoustically, so unfortunately I won't be able to comment on this aspect of the guitar. The CC44 has 23 frets and since it is an acoustic/electric, it has a 1/4" output and a built in preamp.


    Using the Ovation CC44 isn't difficult at all. It's got some setting controls in the preamp section, including a built in tuner. You can control the overall level of the guitar in addition to individual control over the low, mid, and high EQ bands. The tuner can be engaged with a button, and is definitely something that I can see coming in handy beyond simple convenience. It is a pretty light guitar and has the shape and size that is unique to Ovation guitars. Getting a nice sound in terms of it's acoustic sound isn't hard if you can play to begin with!


    In general I wouldn't say that the 'Ovation' sound is up there with my favorites, but I have to say that the CC44 sounds pretty good. It definitely does have a full bodied sound when played acoustically, but is a bit on the brighter side when compared to other acoustic guitars. The sound of the CC44 when not plugged in definitely isn't as brilliant sounding as a Martin or Taylor, but having the pick up in here is definitely what will help to set it apart from other acoustic guitars in this price range. Although I've yet to have a chance to plug the guitar in myself, I've heard that it isn't anything to write home about.


    Ovation has a vast line of acoustic/electric guitars out there for all sorts of players who might be looking in all sorts of price ranges. The CC44 falls somewhere in the middle, as it isn't their nicest guitar but also by far isn't their worst. In my opinion the CC44 is a very solid instrument when just treated as an acoustic guitar, so when you add the electric nature of the instrument to this, you're getting a very complete guitar here. I'd recommend that those interested in an acoustic/electric in this price range should check out the other Ovation guitars out there as well as those from Martin, Taylor, and some of the other big boys out there...