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Evidence Audio Forte

Evidence Audio Forte

Câble mono/stereo de la marque Evidence Audio

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Evidence Audio FortePublié le 11/05/11 à 04:39
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
* IGL-ECS™ conductors: Minimize the effects of strand interaction, the largest source of distortion in cables, but retain the flexibility of a common stranded cable
* High Purity Copper: Allows for open and extended midrange and highs without etching or glare
* Semi-Balanced Geometry: The shield blocks noise instead of carrying your signal, to preserve dynamics and dimensionality
* Organic Insulation: Cotton wraps the conductors with a lower dielectric constant than polymers to preserve resolution and prevent smearing
* 18 awg conductors: Uncommon cross-sectional area for incredible punch and authority without skin-effect anomolies

First off I want to say that I`m not an audiophile nor am I some sort of tone purist. I am a musician and guitar player that relies on quality products for longevity and reliability first before tone. Therefore my review on this cable will be based primarily on the perspective of a gigging musician, more practical usage.

The forte is a very uniquely designed cable.

Soundwise it is very balanced. I would almost say transparent with rounded off highs. The overall tone is very clear and present. I’ve reviewed the lyric and disagreed with the directionality theory of cables and still feel the same way with this concept in the forte.

The regular guitar cable will always tangle and kink creating not only the possibility of your guitar signal cutting in and out but permanently damaging the cable itself as well. This main problem is eliminated when using the forte. It`s physically designed to be flexible and thus when kinked or tangled, can still have the same signal strength and does not cause any permanent damage to the overall cable. This is GREAT for live use and gigs!

However I wouldn’t say this is the solution to end all cable tangling problems. Why? Because, although, yes the signal is still running and the cable is not damaged in anyway the length of the cable is still compromised once it’s tangled up. So say for example if one were to be playing on stage and the cable gets tangled, and you decide to step out further away from the stage, stretching your cable, you would still be pulling on the ends which COULD result in either the end on the guitar or the end on the amp to pull out, depending on of course the circumstances. This is another big problem with cables that are related to when they tangle up and there is still no solution to this as of yet from any cable manufacturer as far as I know and although the forte does solve one major problem, this particular problem is not resolved.


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  • Fabricant : Evidence Audio
  • Modèle : Forte
  • Catégorie : Câbles mono/stereo
  • Fiche créée le : 20/04/2010

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