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RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface
RME Audio Hammerfall DSP Multiface

Sujet Rme HDSP & barebone Shuttle. Quid ?

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1 Rme HDSP & barebone Shuttle. Quid ?
Y a-t'il parmis vous des possesseurs de carte RME (PCI+multiface) qui se sont équipés d'un mini-PC Shuttle, (genre le SB51G avec le chipset Intel) ?

Si oui, l'audio marche bien sur ces bécanes là ? Pas de problèmes particuliers à signaler ?
:aime: :aime: :aime: mor - tel !!!! :bravo:

je sais donc ce que je prendrai d'ici deux ou trois mois, avec un peu de chance le 3Ghz aura baissé...
merci pour l'info :clin:
Voici la reponse d'une personne sur les news RME
désolé c'est en anglais mais tres interessant

I am using the new Shuttle SB51G and have absolutely no heat problems. It is
equipped with two 60Gb IBM drives, ATI Radeon Dual Monitor graphics card and
RME PCI Card. The new heat pipe system is great, and the system is not noisy
at all, in fact, it is more quiet than every desktop i have used before and
it is very stable. I played looped songs with 40 stereo tracks on it for
hours, the harddisk temperatures were always within IBM specs. Cpu
temperature always under 50 degrees Celsius with tons of plugins.Latency
usually at 64 samples. This is a real alternative for mobile recording if
you don't need batteries. A 15" TFT fits into a gigbag easily, and there is
a bag for the shuttle, too.
I had a SS50G before, this was much noisier (mainly because of the PSU fan)
and ran hotter, and audio performance was weaker (integrated graphics) but
better than with most laptops. Latency of 128 samples was no problem, with
less audio tracks and plugins i could use even 64 samples.
The advantage of this minis is that you can use standard components to
upgrade. You don't have to use expensive laptop parts (and they look good,
by the way).
Now i am missing a miniface with mic preamps, would be a nice companion for
this little cube..
Best wishes for 2003 to everybody,

cool non ?