API Audio 527

API Audio 527

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527, Compresseur de studio de la marque API Audio.

3 avis d'utilisateurs
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Fiche technique API Audio 527

  • Fabricant : API Audio
  • Modèle : 527
  • Catégorie : Compresseurs de studio
  • Fiche créée le : 13/10/2009

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Distribué par Tiger Audio


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Avis utilisateurs API Audio 527

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L'avis de U-FLYstudio"ça tape"

API Audio 527
compresseur API mono au format 500
compresseur VCA utilise des amplis op 2510 et 2520

ma démo ici :



on trouve tous les contrôles usuels d'un compresseur : input, seuil, ratio, attack et release,
mais aussi des petits plus sabord un schéma différent de le circuit de détection qui s'appelle le "Trust" permet de filtrer le signal, au lieu d'avoir une courbe de réponse droite , celle si est en pente, négative dans le grave et positive dans l'aigu, on trouve aussi les deux modes d'utilisation propre à API : New et old, ainsi qu'un selecteur Hard ou Soft
c'est donc très très complet


en terme de qualité sonore, pas de soucis, c'est punch, ça tape, c'est clair, précis
avec tous les contrôles c'est assez polyvalent, même si ce n'est pas la machine qui vous permettra de faire aussi trash qu 1176 rev A en ALL button !
il est aussi utilisable sur un mix entier ou sur un bus batterie par exemple grace au link si vous disposez de deux 527, le son est assez moderne, et pour ma part j'aime quand on lui demande de rester dans quelque chose d'un peu doux , c'est à dire en mode "soft" avec le OLD d'enclancher et avec le filtre Thrust enclenché, là c'est très beau et classe sur un bus drum


très bon compresseur, complet
avec une légère coloration et une tendance à donner de belles claques
contenu en anglais

L'avis de mrjason (contenu en anglais)"My go to compression"

API Audio 527
The API 527 is a 500 series compression/limiter. I love the way it handles the threshold and has great attack and release capabilities via the controls. This unit as a whole has some of the best compression that you will hear in this type of unit that has come out in the last year or two. I love using it for compression on vocals and it can work wonders on drums.


This compressor/limiter was very easy to control and work with. It is built tough with steel or metal casting and the knobs are also built well. I first heard about this after being in one of the local studios and had a chance to work with one. After the first song that I did use it one I knew that I had to get one for myself. It took me a while to find money for it in my tight budget at the time but eventually I got it and I love running vocals through it now.


Setting it up is easy, I am use to working with hardware compressors and vintage compressors too. I had a similar model from Lindell Audio in the past but the compression was not as good as the API527’s. I have also owned an Elysia Nvelope 500 which cost about the same amount of money but again the compression is not as good as the API527.


This compressor is truly one of a kind and it is a must have if you want good warm and rich compression on your vocals, guitar tracks, drums, or whatever you want to use it on. This compressor is a desktop style compressor and cannot be racked (it would have been nice if it could be racked though). There is also an API 525 that is great from the same company too! This has been my go to compressor for a while now and I am very happy with it.
contenu en anglais

L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

API Audio 527
The API Audio 527 is a fairly new compressor that is designed for use in a Lunchbox/500 series style rack casing. While it is a new model, it is based on the API 225L. I'm a big fan of these 500 series modules in general, as I think they're a great way to go as it really allows you to pick and choose the pieces of gear that you'd like to have, which is a beautiful thing. Once you've hooked it into the Lunchbox, you'll have an XLR input and output to work with and power for it. It is only rack mountable in a 500 series casing and not in a traditional sense.


The configuration of the API Audio 527 definitely has a lot more going on than most API modules and compressors in general, but for me this is definitely a good thing. I love having as much control as possible over my sound available to me, and this is definitely fulfilled with the 527. It's got traditional compressor parameters for output level, threshold, ratio, and a attack/release knob. It then has switches for choosing the type of metering you'd like (it's between gain reduction and output level), as well as for choosing the 'type' which is between new or old and for a unique feature called 'thrust,' which is unique to API compressors. I haven't seen a manual for the API Audio 527, so I can't say how well put together it might be.


The API Audio 527 really has an impeccable sound, and since there is so much control over this sound, you're also getting a very versatile unit in the 527. I've only had the chance to use it on snare drum and bass drum so far in my time using it, as I'm eager to try it on some other applications as well when I'm able to. I don't have one of these at home and have only used it in a professional recording setting, so I didn't have too much time to play around with it. I do however, think that it's sound will translate well for most applications because of this versatility.


If you're putting together a 500 series rack, I'd encourage you to check out all of the modules that API has to offer, including of course the API Audio 527. API makes some of the best outboard gear available and I trust their products to not only sound great, but to last and work day in and day out. I can't say enough about how well engineered the 527 is, and I really think that it is a module that most engineers will love using. Definitely don't pass over the API 527 when looking at 500 series compressors.

News API Audio 527

API et son nouveau compresseur

API et son nouveau compresseur

2 Publiée le 13/10/09
Le 527 est basé sur le compresseur du 225L.

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