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L'avis de JimboSpins (contenu en anglais)"An affordable starter mixer"

Numark M101
The Numark M101 is a two channel DJ mixer that is made for the working DJ or performing DJ. Out of all of the times I have used this mixer I have experienced zero problems with it and it has worked great. It is very affordable and made out of solid steel and heavy materials. It can be racked and the slider/cross fader knob is very tough and will not have any issues if used heavily.


There are 2 line inputs and a ¼ mic input on this mixer. There is also an RCA stereo output to connect directly to speakers or in my case the amps. It does also have a built in EQ to change your sound quickly though the EQ was not as responsive at cutting out unwanted signals as I would have liked it to be. It was still huge plus to have one on this unit. This mixer is very affordable but some of the more expensive mixers that Numark makes is worth the extra money spend to get more features.


This mixer at best is great for the beginning gigging or performing DJ. .I would not plan on using this mixer for a long time, not that it will not last but it does not have enough features for the DJ that has a larger set up and needs more connections and bells/whistles. It will serve its purpose well for someone who is just starting and needs basic functions though. It will also connect to other devices via USB cable ( that does not come with it).


The M101 is pretty small too being only about 10 inches long and it gets its power from a wall outlet. I have also heard in some cases these units can short out if over used but I have not experienced it personally. This mixer is perfect for someone’s first mixer and I highly recommend it at this price.