IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ

IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ

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T-Racks Linear Phase EQ, Egaliseur paramétrique logiciel de la marque IK Multimedia appartenant à la série T-Racks.

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Fiche technique IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ

  • Fabricant : IK Multimedia
  • Modèle : T-Racks Linear Phase EQ
  • Série : T-Racks
  • Catégorie : Egaliseurs paramétriques logiciels
  • Fiche créée le : 28/05/2010

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Avis utilisateurs IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ

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IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ
The IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ is an equalizer plug-in that can be found in the T-Racks Mastering Suite software, and can also be bought as an individual plug-in in either RTAS, VST, or AU plug-in formats. I've used it both in T-Racks 3 and in Pro Tools LE 8 as a plug-in, but the bulk of my work with the Linear Phase EQ has come within the T-Racks 3 software. In fact, just about every time I use T-Racks 3, I end up using the Linear Phase EQ. I don't know what the process is like when it comes to installing this plug-in individually, as I only had to install T-Racks 3 as a whole, which was easy enough to do. The make up of the plug-in is a six band equalizer, with a graph to help you plot everything. You can control the filters either with the parameters it has as knobs, or right on the graph, which is definitely nice. The parameters that each band has includes those for gain, frequency, and bandwidth, which is of course standard for most EQs. It also has an overall output leveler. I don't think a manual is necessary, but I haven't seen one if there is one, so I can't say anything about it's configuration.


Right now I'm running the IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ and T-Racks 3 on a Mac Book Pro that has as 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. When I run the plug-in individually, I run it in Pro Tools 8 that runs with a Digi 002R audio interface. However, most of the time I run it in T-Racks 3 when I'm mastering something. The software as a whole definitely takes up a good amount of your processing power, and the same goes for each of these plug-ins. Unfortunately I'm not able to go crazy with running these in Pro Tools, but I am able to run a few instances at a time without buffering.


The IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ is definitely one of my favorite plug-ins that comes with T-Racks 3. It's got a very clean sound for a software equalizer, and offers up more than enough control over your sound. I can't say that I'd recommend buying this plug-in individually, as it's really worth it just to buy all of T-Racks 3. However, I guess it is nice to have the option if you only wanted one of these plug-ins. It's definitely worth the extra money though, as you get a whole bunch of plug-ins within T-Racks 3. Either way you decide to do it, The IK Multimedia T-Racks Linear Phase EQ is a great plug-in for both mastering and mixing.

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