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Chicken Systems Translator 2.x

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  • moosersmoosers

    Chicken Systems Translator 2.xPublié le 20/04/10 à 03:17
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    Chicken Systems Translator 2.x is a stand alone piece of software designed to convert any and all samples to be used with just about any sampler whatsoever out there. The software is very easy to use, as the interface is straight forward and user friendly. There are some bugs every now and again, but nothing too bad that I wasn't able to figure out around for the most part. The reason that I needed to use this software was the convert a whole library of sample CDs to be used in Apple Logic. However, you can convert your samples to any format that you need for your sampler, as it literally has everything you'd need. I would however double check all the specs with this software to make sure that what you need to be done is compatible, but I'd be really surprised if you couldn't find what you needed here. While it does often take a long time if there are a lot of samples to convert, it does do it's job quick as you can see when you don't have as large of files to convert. If you've got samples on CDs or in some other format that you're hoping to use with your DAW like Logic, I've never come across another piece of software that can do the job as extensively as this one. The price definitely isn't unreasonable, especially considering that you'd be gaining (or should I say re-gaining) a whole new library of sounds and samples. Now that there are so many different sequencers and samplers out there, if you're doing work with a few of them, having this around is great for whenever you might want to use a certain sound in a DAW that would otherwise not be compatible. There isn't too much more to say about the Chicken Systems Translator 2.x, but if it is something that you need to have, I don't think you need to look any further as this is the software that you're going to want...