Korg ElecTribe EMX1
Korg ElecTribe EMX1

ElecTribe EMX1, Groove Machine de la marque Korg appartenant à la série ElecTribe.

Astuce : Mode dépannage / service manual

Par Lau. le 04/12/2014 - (Expert)



trouvé sur le net , mode dépannage , si votre Emx fonctionne n'allez pas y toucher :!!!!!!!



"Special modes

Factory reset:

To restoring the factory settings of Korg Electribe ESX-1 SD/ EMX-1 SD, you must power on while simultaneously holding the Transpose/Solo and write buttons. When the displa appears “Init, are you sure?”, press Play button. The Factory Reset procedure is complete.

Warning! This procedure will returning all of the settings to the values when the ESX-1 SD/ EMX-1 SD was shipped from the factory. Be sure that you want to do this :)

Internal test mode:

How to start and operate the test mode:

ERASE + PATTERN & POWER ON: Internal test,
ERASE + STEP EDIT & POWER ON: Adjustment of valve circuit, L/R balance
calibration, Tube gain balance measurement
SHIFT + DRUM PART 1 & POWER ON: Internal skip
SHIFT + DRUM PART 3 & POWER ON: Audio test
Proceed the test
SHIFT + 15: Re-executing the test
>> : STEP UP
To proceed the SmartMedia test, it is required to prepare a SmartMedia whose capacity
is more than 16MB.



source : https://github.com/coderofsalvation/electribe-emx-esx-reverse-engineering/wiki/Special-modes


En fait c'est un extrait qu'on retrouve à la fin du 'service manual ' dispo ici





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