Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit

Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit

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50th Anniversary Kit, Batterie complète/Kit de la marque Yamaha.

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Fiche technique Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit

  • Fabricant : Yamaha
  • Modèle : 50th Anniversary Kit
  • Catégorie : Batteries complètes/Kits
  • Fiche créée le : 22/01/2017

Kit de batterie acoustique lancé en 2017 à l'occasion du 50e anniversaire de la division Yamaha Drums

Based on Yamaha's renowned Absolute Hybrid Maple kit, the 50th anniversary model features shells with outer plies made from two varieties of beautiful exotic wood, and gold hook lugs that recall the revered Maple Custom set of yesteryear. Specially processed badges and front heads add to the luxurious feel of this limited release of fifty unique, five-piece kits.

Exotic Maple on Hybrid Maple Shell
Gold Hook Lugs
Special Bass Drum Head
Special Badge


2 varieties of exotic wood


  • Birdseye Maple
  • Curly Maple

Lustrous gold-colored lugs for the Maple Custom.

A bass drum head emblazoned with Yamaha's unique phoenix design.


Hoop Material SD / TT / FT : Aluminum Die Cast Hoop , BD : Wood
Thickness SD / TT / FT : 3.0mm
Lugs Type Gold Hook Lug
Shells Thickness SD / TT / FT : 6.6mm , BD : 8.2mm
Material Maple-Wenge-Maple Hybrid (8 ply)
Snare Snare Name High Carbon Steel 25 Strand
Strainers Butt Side DC3 Type
Release Side Q Type
Head Top SD : REMO Ambassador Coated , TT / FT : REMO Emperor Clear
Bottom SD : REMO Ambassador Clear Snare Side , TT / FT : REMO Ambassador Clear
Front BD : REMO Powerstroke3 with 50th Anniversary Graphic
Batter BD : REMO Powerstroke3 Clear
Bearing Edge SD / TT / FT : 45 degrees / R1.5 , BD : 30 degrees / R1.5
Tom Mount YESS III

Distribué par Yamaha Music Europe


News Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit

[NAMM] Un kit de batterie Yamaha 50th Anniversary

[NAMM] Un kit de batterie Yamaha 50th Anniversary

Publiée le 22/01/17
La division Yamaha Drums fête cette année son 50e anniversaire avec un kit de batterie acoustique deluxe qui est exposé ce week-end au NAMM.

Images Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit

  • Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit
  • Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit
  • Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit
  • Yamaha 50th Anniversary Kit

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