Nexo NeMo 2

Nexo NeMo 2

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NeMo 2, Autre Logiciel de la marque Nexo.

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Fiche technique Nexo NeMo 2

  • Fabricant : Nexo
  • Modèle : NeMo 2
  • Catégorie : Autres Logiciels
  • Fiche créée le : 22/03/2017

Gestionnaire logiciel des systèmes de contrôleurs et amplis de sono Nexo, sur Mac OS X et iOS

  • control from an Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch through a Wi-Fi network and from a Mac through a wired or Wi-Fi network one or many NEXO Devices (NXAMP Powered TD-controllers, DTD Digital TD-controllers).
  • Managing and positioning devices, monitoring their parameters (levels, etc.), and setting new values (preset, volume, delay, EQ, etc.)
  • arrange the devices on a map over a background image.
  • You can make groups of devices, and zones of channels.
  • With NeMo for macOS, you can even prepare an offline session, by creating device prototypes and setting their values. When going online, the intelligent matching engine allows you to send or take the values to or from a device.
  • NeMo enables you to edit parameters of several devices or channels at once, using groups and zones.
  • Presets can be chosen from the NEXO Presets Library.
  • Settings like volume and delay can be changed absolutely or relatively.
  • The EQ can as well be edited on several channels, allowing you to have different layers of EQ.
  • Parameters can be copied and pasted, and changes can be undone and redone, even online!
  • The Recap Tab (NeMo for macOS) or the Quick Mute/Solo Page (NeMo for iOS) makes it easy to check the system by soloing every channel.
  • It is also the ideal page to check the settings of your NEXO Devices, and to monitor the levels.
  • When online, alerts are reported, and conditional red alerts can be fully configured.
  • You can start recording the Log, to review useful information about your NEXO Devices usage, such as levels, protections, temperatures, currents, voltages and errors. The Log View presents key facts, and a full history of the parameters of your choosing. Furthermore, you can have multiple Log files, and export them.
  • Alert Reports and Log Records can be emailed regularly.
  • Your session can be shared with another NeMo for macOS or iOS, for instance using AirDrop.
  • NeMo comes with a fully configurable Live Mode. Components can be disabled, allowing you to use NeMo during a show without the risk of unwanted changes. Also, your NXAMPs and DTDs can be locked, to prevent changes.
  • When in Live Mode, the Recap Tab (NeMo for macOS) or the Quick Mute/Solo Page (NeMo for iOS) offers you a great way of monitoring levels and protections.
  • NeMo comes with a lot more features, like device identification and EQ Library!

Distribué par Nexo Distribution


News Nexo NeMo 2

Nexo lance NeMo 2 pour contrôler ses amplis

Nexo lance NeMo 2 pour contrôler ses amplis

Publiée le 22/03/17
Nexo annonce la disponibilité de la seconde version du gestionnaire logiciel de ses amplis et processeurs de sono NeMo pour Mac OS X et iOS.

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