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Blue Microphones Mikey Digital

Tous les avis sur Blue Microphones Mikey Digital

Micro pour tablette/iDevice de la marque Blue Microphones

Prix public : 99 € TTC
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Avis des utilisateurs
  • sw80sw80

    Fun .. mais c'est à son sujet

    Blue Microphones Mikey DigitalPublié le 14/11/12 à 08:17
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    The Mikey is a stereo microphone that will work with your iPhone or iPad. It does give you decent quality for it to be less than 100 bucks. But I do not think it is worthy of giving you good enough quality to master with by any means. This microphone is very small and can fit into your pocket making it one of the most portable microphones that I have ever seen. The bad part about it is, that you will have to have it right up to your mouth in order for it to cleanly record everything you are saying. But when you do that it will also give you so much distortion and popping because you are so close without a pop filter.

    I do not recommend this microphone at all for recording with, but with it being so cheap you will have a lot of fun with it. This microphone is made by Blue Microphones but it sounds nothing like any of the other microphones that they make. I think they dropped the ball with this one by trying to make it so small.
    This microphone comes with a carrying pouch and you can slide it in your pocket and take it with you anywhere. It will work with almost any recording app that you have on your iPhone or you iPad. I have noticed many issues with getting it to work with some iPod touches though. I do not regret purchasing this microphone but I just don’t have a use for it, it is fun to have for apps but you really cannot do anything major with it at all so it is more like a toy.
    Knowing what I know now if I could go back I would not have purchased this. I mine as well of just kept using the regular iPhone microphone to record with for certain apps because the quality is not that much different to me.