JHS Pedals Morning Glory V3
JHS Pedals Morning Glory V3

Morning Glory V3, Overdrive guitare de la marque JHS Pedals.

Astuce : Différences entre les versions des pédales JHS

Par Doc Plus le 29/05/2017 - (Tout public)

Source: page des produits concernés sur le site de JHS Pedals

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4 Wheeler

  • V1 = Brown enclosure, yellow knobs.
  • V2 = Current production model, color changed to mustard. Hi/Low switch added.


All American

  • V1 = larger enclosure with light sky blue powder coat. no AA icon. Some had a star in center. Very rare.
  • V2 = changed to the current size enclosure and sparkle red color. Slightly different star logo.
  • V3 = last production version as pictured. Slightly different clipping options on the 3 way gain toggle.


Bun Runner

  • V1 = Same exact circuit and enclosure as V2, some do not have bunrunner icon.
  • V2 = Current production model, has the addition of the order toggle switch


Charlie Brown

  • V1 = larger enclosure. no charlie icon.
  • V2 = changed to current size enclosure and look.
  • V3 = slightly different drive control and gain structure than V2
  • V4 = color changed to yellow, added 3 band tone stack, 5 controls total


Double Barrel

  • V1 = Slightly darker cream powder coating, no toggle switches, just 6 knobs.
  • V2 = Color change to more white, order toggle switch was added, morning glory bright cut switch added.
  • V3 = Current production model, 808 gain toggle added, shotgun logo slightly changed.


Honey Comb Deluxe

  • V1 = bee logo, slightly darker yellow powder coat.
  • V2 = current production model as seen, internal dip-switch for dual speed adjustment, some early V2's do not have dip switch


Low Drive

  • V1 = Same look as current model but different knobs.
  • V2 = Current production model, gain toggle switch added.


Morning Glory

  • V1 = bigger white enclosure with black knobs. no bright cut switch. no logo.
  • V2 = changed to smaller current enclosure. gold powder coat color.
  • V3 = bright cut toggle added.
  • V4 = 2x more headroom, Gain toggle added, Red Remote system added.



  • V1 = 3 controls, green with red knobs
  • V2* = 4 controls, brown with maroon knobs, added Gain control
  • (le changement de couleur ne saute pas aux yeux)


Pulp ‘n’ Peel

  • V1 = only 2 knobs. no logo. VERY rare.
  • V2 = 3 controls, softer orange color, older orange slice logo
  • V3 = 3 controls, includes LBB via internal dip switch
  • V4 = 4 controls, added an EQ knob, Dirt toggle, XLR output



  • V1 = 3 controls, Hi/Lo toggle, some early stamped units had "3 stage lighting bolt," most have a 4 stage bolt
  • V2 = replaced Hi/Lo toggle with a Gain Toggle, added Red Remote system


Sweet Tea

  • V1 = slightly different icon, no toggles.
  • V2 = current production model, order toggle and gain toggle added


Twin Twelve

  • V1 = 4 Controls, white LED
  • V2 = added Dirt/Clean toggle, added Red Remote system, bi-color LED
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