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Tous les avis sur Numark MP103USB

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Note moyenne :4.0( 4/5 sur 2 avis )
 2 avis100 %
Cible : Utilisateurs avertis Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
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L'avis de dayer1313"Bon lecteur CD"

Numark MP103USB
Pour quel usage et dans quel contexte utilisez-vous ce produit?
Pour avoir un lecteur CD dans mon rack

Depuis combien de temps l'utilisez-vous?
Pas longtemps

Avez-vous essayé d’autres produits concurrents avant de l'acheter?
Non, je cherchais une platine CD simple avec connectique XLR

Quelles sont les choses que vous appréciez le plus et le moins?

+ sorties XLR et RCA
+ simple
+ cd et mp3

- Pas de master ou réglage niveau de sortie
- Pas d'alimentation IEC
- ne lis QUE les mp3, pas de wav, pas de Ogg,...
contenu en anglais

L'avis de JimboSpins (contenu en anglais)"Works with any system"

Numark MP103USB
The Numark MP103 is a professional USB CD player that can be racked. The price of this rackable unit is very reasonable considering some of the similar models that have the same specs cost about 25 percent more. This unit has great features that got me very excited to use it, I loved working with the pitch control, brake effect and reverse effects. It is also very easy to loop and scratch with this unit.
Learning to use the MP103 is very simple; it does come with a manual to help the user understand how to use it and all of its features. This unit has an auto BPM counter and RCA and XLR outputs.
The MP103 has a built in screen on it that is easy to see during a dark show on stage or in a club DJ booth. It is easy to navigate with it and all of the buttons are illuminated so you can see each button. It is very easy to use the MP103 with any system that I wanted to use it with because of the connections. I would put most of my song library on to a USB card and then use it with this rackable unit. I could pull up my songs quickly and navigate through them easily.
I really liked using the MP103 and I do not regret using it. It is priced well and has great features that any DJ will love. If you are a mobile DJ than this is not the unit to purchase do to the size of it and the need to have to have it racked. But if you have a rack this is great because you can just leave it there and use it as your main console no matter what source your music is coming from. It works with any system and it is very versatile.