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Black Box Analog Design Mic Pre / DI

Black Box Analog Design Mic Pre / DI

Préampli à lampes de la marque Black Box Analog Design

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Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Black Box Analog Design
  • Modèle : Mic Pre / DI
  • Catégorie : Préamplis à lampes
  • Fiche créée le : 27/11/2014

The Black Box Analog Design is a vacuum tube mic preamplifier and DI

  • Independently controlled Pentode and Triode tube stages
  • Custom wound Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Entirely analog audio path (No ICs or Op amps)
  • Switchable input impedance done by tapping into the transformer windings
  • 5 position, gentle and musical roll off
  • Linear power supply
  • Passive output attenuation control
  • 48v Phantom power from an entirely separate supply
  • Real, amplifier isolated VU meters
  • Military spec switches

Distribué par Floating Point Audio


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Autres dénominations : micpredi, blackbox