Astuce : Carte mémoire PCMIA

Par Shamk le 08/06/2005 - (Tout public)

Citation : Good advice regarding battery and S-RAM PCMCIA cards:
Please make sure to make regular backups of your own sounds.The battery in a PCMCIA card holds your settings for about 1-2 years.
One year passes quickly and you'll never know exactly when the battery will loose it's power. "A backup a day keeps problems away!"

Autrement dit : faite des sauvegardes régulièrement, les données sont volatiles au dela de cette zone minimum de 1-2 années ...

"A 64 kilobyte S-RAM-based, battery-backed PCMCIA card.
There are cards with larger memory capacity than 64 kByte but using one with the Nord Lead 2 is simply a waste of money".

N'essayer pas les adaptateurs, cela ne fonctionne pas !

Datasheet : 512Kb SRAM CARD Memory Card

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