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Marshall MG15HFXMS

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Stack ou half-stack guitare à transistors de la marque Marshall appartenant à la série MG4

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  • iamqmaniamqman

    Big pile peu

    Marshall MG15HFXMSPublié le 31/07/11 à 22:28
    contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
    This is Marshall's attempt at the introductory amps for the beginner or low budget guitar players. Along with the reverb in the the amp it has several other effects such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay. For the quiet player it has a headphone input so if you desire to play at home quietly or in your office this is a great feature. This amp is fun for looking like a full stack of Marshall goodness but just in a pint since stack. It is cool to look at and the FFD helps to give the solid state tone some extra beef.


    Output (RMS): 15 Watts

    Speaker: 1x10 in. (2 off)

    Channels: 4

    Digital FX: Yes

    Digital Reverb: Yes

    Internal FDD: Yes

    MP3/Line In: Yes

    Headphone Jack: Yes

    MG Footcontroller Compatible: Yes (Optional PEDL90008 Pedal)

    Dimensions (mm): 385 x 960 x 240

    Weight (kg): 18.7

    Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
    Shipping Weight: 53 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 18 in


    The tone from this amp isn't that bad for being a solid state amp. It has 4 channels and all are very usable in the basic functions. This is an all in one amp for a beginner guitar player. Any one who has spent any time with a tube amp will not go for this other than to have as a practice unit for silence or office use. The crunch channel will get you a great classic rock tone. Trying using a Gibson Les Paul or SG and dial down the gain for some good Led Zeppelin tone or Ac/Dc crunch. The over drive channel are excellent for modern rock and will sound good with any guitar used with humbucker pickup.


    You can find this stack for right around $350, which is a good price for this thing. It is fun and somewhat useful in a practice setting at home. This is only 15 watts so you won't get a ton of power and air being pushed for bands purposes but this is a nice little jamming amp stack. I would recommend this combo stack and amp to anyone who wants the look of a huge Marshall stack and needs something to just jam on at home or in the office.