Gotharman's Fuzion

Gotharman's Fuzion

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Fuzion, Workstation de la marque Gotharman's.

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Fiche technique Gotharman's Fuzion

  • Fabricant :Gotharman's
  • Modèle :Fuzion
  • Catégorie :Workstations
  • Fiche créée le :05/01/2015

The Gotharman's Fuzion is a multitrack, polyphonic portable music workstation with built-in synthesizer, sequencer, sampler and effects.

1024 user re-writable presets (not all presets are pre-programmed).

Each preset holds:

  • -8 synthesizers.
  • -1 sequencer pattern of 16 linear tracks, up to 128 bars long.
  • -Effects.


  • -Number of tracks: 16. Each track can be set to internal or external control.
  • -Maximum number of bars per track: 128 (independently adjustable for each track with 1/32 bar resolution).
  • -8.000 events per preset.
  • -Recording methods: Real time, step time, grid.
  • -Tempo: 24-300 bpm.
  • -Real time note editing, using bars: Tone, velocity, length, position.
  • -Real time Event editing, using bars: Event dependent, time dependent. *Not yet implemented.
  • -Note Randomizers: 1 per track, with probability, velocity and time adjustments.
  • -Swing: Can be generated using a number of sources.
  • -Note Quantization: Adjustable per track on the fly to 1/32, 1/24, 1/16, 1/12, 1/8, 1/6, ¼.


  • -Polyphony: 8 notes.
  • -Number of synthesizers: 8.
  • -Oscillator types: Waveform (morphable between sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and feedback waveforms), noise, sampling, percussion (multiple sinewaves and noise mixed together and detuned for fat percussion sounds).
  • -Filters: 2 per voice, LPF, BPF, BPF8, HPF, BEF, ADD, BASS, LOFI, LPF2, BPF2, BPF8-2, HPF2, BEF2, ADD2, BASS2 and LOFI2.
  • -Envelopes: 3 per voice. ADHSRR type – attack, decay, hold, sustain, repeats, release.
  • -LFO’s: 2 per voice. Waveforms: tri, pulse, FM.
  • -Random generator: 1 per voice.
  • -FAT: Adds up to 3 extra layers of the sound, with adjustable phaze between these.
  • -MIDI channel and note range are adjustable indenpendently for each synth, so these can be splitted, layered or be multi-timbral.


  • -Total recording time: 300 minutes.
  • -Single sampling max length: 200 minutes.
  • -Recording sources: Analog input 1 and 2, USB import of .wav files.

- Effects

-Compatible with most* Little deFormer expansion boxes, and some new to come…

* Not compatible with the forthcoming Audio Output expansion, since Fuzion does not have the audio port.

Not compatible with the forthcoming USB transfer expansion, since Fuzion already has this functionality.


  • -Import/export samples as .wav files.
  • -Import/export presets as .fzp files.
  • -Backup/restore of Fuzion’s user memory.
  • -Updating of firmware.


-2 analog inputs.

-4 analog outputs.

Audio system:

-Inputs and outputs: 24 bit, 44.1 KHz Cirrus Logic high end ADC/DAC.

-Internal: 32 bit, 44.1 KHz.

-Sampler: 16 bit, 44.1 KHz.

-2 x MIDI IN.

-2 x MIDI OUT.

-More MIDI in’s and out’s will be available through an expansion box.

-Industrial grade 4.3" colour TFT, made in germany.

Size: 23 x 16 x 6 cm

Weight: 1.3 KG


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News Gotharman's Fuzion

Gotharman prépare une workstation

Gotharman prépare une workstation

39 Publiée le 05/01/15
Fuzion, c’est le nom de la prochaine workstation portable que va lancer Gotharman en mars, mais que vous pouvez déjà réserver avec une ristourne.

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  • Gotharman's Fuzion
  • Gotharman's Fuzion

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