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Rattly And Raw Martin France Drums

Rattly And Raw Martin France Drums

Batterie virtuelle de la marque Rattly And Raw

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  • Fabricant : Rattly And Raw
  • Modèle : Martin France Drums
  • Catégorie : Batteries virtuelles
  • Fiche créée le : 24/09/2015

a drum sample library for Kontakt featuring the drum and cymbal sounds from Martin France's private collection, from a very rare 1920s snare drum to classic ride cymbals from the 1960s and 1970s

Martin performed on three core kits, each characteristic of a different era, as well as additional pieces chosen for their versatility and colour.

36 kit pieces in all, for a total of nearly 33,000 samples.  

recorded in a huge church

go from a vast roomy explosive sound to a completely dry 'dead room'

Audio format: 24-bit stereo and mono WAV, losslessly compressed to Kontakt NCW 
Number of samples: 32,900
Size: 14GB compressed (32GB pre-compression)

Number of articulations: 20 (Bass Drum, Snare Centre, Snare Rimshot, Snare Cross-Stick, Rack Tom 1, Rack Tom 2, Floor Tom, Hihats Tip, Hihats Open, Hihats Shank, Hihats Pedal, Ride 1 Bow, Ride 1 Edge, Ride 1 Bell, Ride 2 Bow, Ride 2 Edge, Ride 2 Bell, Crash Bow, Crash Edge, Crash Bell)
Number of designed kit presets: 21
Number of FX presets: 38
Number of custom reverbs: 24

Bass drum types: 4
Snare types: 8
Rack tom 1 types: 3
Rack tom 2 types: 2
Floor tom types: 3
Hihat types: 5
Ride types: 8
Crash types: 

Mixer and effect pages

Native Instruments Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.5.1 or higher required


Autres catégories dans Batteries et percussions virtuelles

Autres dénominations : martinfrancedrums