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Urei / Jbl teletronix LA2 A
The Urei/Jbl teletronix LA2A is a leveling amplifier also known as a compressor. It is an analog piece of equipment and cannot be controlled by any digital means. I believe that there are XLR connections in the back and set up is as easy as setting up any piece of outboard gear. It is a rackable unit and will take up four rack spaces!


The setup of the LA-2A is as easy as it gets - 2 knobs! One for gain and one for peak reduction. This is the simplest form of compression in terms of what parameters there are to set. I've never had access to the manual but unless the unit was broken I would never have a use for it as it is very easy to use.


The LA2-A lives up to its legendary status as one of, if not the best compressor out there. It has a certain full sound mixed with a slow attack that transforms vocals! I would use this on every instrument that called for compression if I could, but I typically use this on vocals of all types but also on kick drum, snare drum, bass guitar and electric keyboards, however, this is a great compressor for all applications. It has a unique quality that is hard to replicate with anything other than an LA-2A.


I first used the LA2A about four years ago and I use it a great deal whenever I have access to it. It is one of the cleanest sounding compressors I have used, and has the reputation as being one of the best compressors. I would compare it to an 1176, an LA3A, or any of the other high end compressors made by Urei. I trust their products because they are built with high quality parts and all have a special sound to them. Like most, the reason I do not own my own LA2-A is because of price. While it is pricey, if you are looking to pick up a high end piece of gear in terms of an all around compressors, the LA2A is one of the best in the market. Someday I hope to own one and not just be able to use it on occasions!