Radial Engineering Shotgun

Radial Engineering Shotgun

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Shotgun, Effet guitare divers de la marque Radial Engineering appartenant à la série Tonebone.

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Fiche technique Radial Engineering Shotgun

  • Fabricant : Radial Engineering
  • Modèle : Shotgun
  • Série : Tonebone
  • Catégorie : Effets guitare divers
  • Fiche créée le : 21/01/2016

The Tonebone Shotgun lets you shoot your guitar signal to as many as four amps at the same time.  And it lets you do it either in mono or in stereo – quietly, as it eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops.
Last year, we met with the guitar techs for Colin James and Joe Bonamassa and both were having horrific problems with buzz and hum in just about every venue that they played in. Interestingly enough, Colin uses a 1x4 setup while Joe uses  a  stereo  2x2  setup.  So  our  engineering brainiacs got to work figuring out a way to solve both problems with one box. The Shotgun is the result. When only input-1 is used, it routes the guitar signal to all four amps. If input-2 is also used, it spits the signal in a 2 x 2 stereo configuration. This enables the guitar tech to optimize the setup for each player.


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News Radial Engineering Shotgun

Le Shotgun de Radial arrive

Le Shotgun de Radial arrive

Publiée le 23/02/16
La marque propose avec son Shotgun une solution pour "router" votre signal guitare vers plusieurs amplis.

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  • Radial Engineering Shotgun
  • Radial Engineering Shotgun
  • Radial Engineering Shotgun
  • Radial Engineering Shotgun

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