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Enceinte de retour de scène / wedge de la marque JBL appartenant à la série JRX100

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JBL JRX112MPublié le 12/12/12 à 10:30
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The JBL JRX112M monitor is a 12’ two way stage monitor that is made to blow your ear drums out. These things are loud and very big sounding. Crowd control is major in my line of work (DJ) and these will take care of the crowd for you. One of the clubs that I work at has a few of these and without even cranking them up all the way, you can tell how powerful they are. The bass is very deep and clean, having bass in a live setting is a must have and you cannot over look it. Bass and thump is everything in a live club and the JRX112M fit that description perfectly.
The LF driver size is 12 inches with a 1 inch HF driver. This amp is not powered but the peak power capacity is 500 Watts with 8 ohms. You can use it on a pole or floor wedge positions. This monitor has steal handles on it, and that is something to be thankful for because carrying it around is a lot easier with that steel handle. I have used JBL monitors in the past and the handles where not made of steel.
My favorite part about these monitors is the sound, plain and simple. I would not choose any other monitor in this price range over these because of the bass and clarity they provide. If I could change something about them, it would probably be the weight, I do wish they were a little lighter to take a little strain off of us carrying it around. They are priced well and knowing what I know now I am happy we chose these. It is just too bad it took us about 12 different monitors to finally find the ones we loved which are now the JBL JRX 112M monitors.

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  • Fabricant : JBL
  • Modèle : JRX112M
  • Série : JRX100
  • Catégorie : Enceintes de retour de scène / wedges
  • Fiche créée le : 28/10/2004

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